Juwita Suwito live in Melbourne


MALAYSIA’S indie pop powerhouse Juwita Suwito will be gracing Melbourne’s stages this month, playing to Australian audiences for the fourth time.

Since her debut in 2004, Suwito has sold more than 10,000 albums, and her music has been played on various radio stations and television channels in the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Brunei and Australia.

But the down-to-earth singer-songwriter is perhaps best known as vocal coach for two consecutive seasons of Malaysian Idol in 2004.

Her debut solo album, Brand New World (2005) won Best Local English Album at the prestigious AIM (Malaysian Music Industry) Awards, and her second album, For Real, was nominated for several awards in 2007 and 2008.

Suwito will kick off the Melbourne leg of her ten-day Australian tour with The Limelight at Miss Libertine on Thursday September 17, followed by an intimate acoustic set at Cafe Crema on September 18.

But most worth looking forward to would be Suwito’s final concert at Arrow-on-Swanston, where she will be accompanied by a full band, and local chamber orchestra Orchestre Nouveau.

Audiences will also get a chance to catch a glimpse of guest star Singaporean-Aussie singer-songwriter Alarice Thio, who recently released her debut EP Songs for a Season.

Gig guide

Thursday September 17, 7pm
The Limelight
Miss Libertine
34 Franklin St, Melbourne
Price: AUD8

Friday September 18, 9.30pm
Friday Night Live
Cafe Crema
488 Swanston St, Carlton
Price: free

Saturday September 19, 7.30pm
Juwita Suwito Live with Orchestre Nouveau
Champions Ballroom, Arrow on Swanston
488 Swanston St, Carlton
Price: AUD20 adults, AUD15 students
Booking: email ticketing@orchestrenouveau.org.au

Visit Juwita’s website for further details.

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