How to apply false lashes

APPLYING false lashes can be notoriously tricky. Meld beauty columnist Roseanne Tang shows you how to get the job done without any fuss or mess.

Don’t deny it. We all want longer, fuller and more curled lashes so we can bat our eyelids like Betty Boop. Well, maybe not. But longer, fuller and more curled lashes can help make eyes larger and define them for a more beautiful and dramatic look.

False lashes can do just that, when applied correctly. So here’s a step-by-step process.

Step 1: The Tools

You’ll need a pair of false eyelashes. They’re sold pretty much everywhere. For a more budget-friendly variety, check out 1000 hours or Ardell Lashes (used in this article). You can get them both at Priceline on Bourke St.

For a higher-end lash, M.A.C Cosmetic lashes are wonderful because they feel comfortable even after a fabulous night out. A good glue is also necessary if you want your lashes to stay on for the whole night.

Don’t rely on the eyelash glue you get in the packet. Go for Ardell or DUO eyelash glue instead.

Tweezers are a necessity. They make it a whole lot easier to pick up your lashes and apply them. A handy mirror that tilts is also great so you can see where the lash meets your lid line.

Step 2: Measure your lash

Often the false lash provided isn’t the same length as your eyelid. To avoid uncomfortable pokes, use the tweezers to pick up the lash and then see if the lash is as long as the length of your lid line. If it isn’t, simply use scissors to trim off the excess.

Step 3: Apply the glue

This can get tricky as a little really does go a long way. Simply squeeze a little glue out of the tube and onto the side of the nozzle. Then gently run the nozzle onto the rib of the false lash. Make sure the glue only touches the rib and not the actual lashes.

Step 4: Wait for the glue to get ‘tacky’

Do not apply the lash immediately after applying the glue. Wait about 15 seconds for the glue to get slightly sticky and less runny. You can gently blow on the lash if you need a quick fix, but it’s not exactly hygienic.

Step 5: Applying the false lash

Tilt your mirror slightly so you can see the bottom of your lid line and then use the tweezers to gently touch the lash onto your lid line. Press in the outer and inner corners until the lash fits your lid line perfectly. Tilting the mirror isn’t necessary, but the job is much easier if you can see exactly what is going on. Not putting the lash exactly on the lid line can alter the curl of it.

Step 6: Match your eyelashes to your false lashes

Use your eyelash curler to give your false and real eyelashes a curl. This curls the two lashes evenly, so it looks like your false lashes are really your real lashes. It’s all about the illusion.

Then take a gel-liner, or preferably a liquid liner, and run it over the rib of the false lash so that it covers and conceals the rib.

And you’re done! Go out for a night partying or batting your eyelids at your date. Congratulations on achieving longer and fuller lashes!

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