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Thanks everyone for your interest, the response has been overwhelming! The event is now fully booked – if you’d like to hop on the waiting list, or stay informed about future events, drop us a note at

THE approach of a new year often provokes a flurry of soul searching and introspection, and even more so for those of us whose Semester 2 marks the final chapter of university life.

The uncertainty can be rather unsettling.

Where do we go from here? Am I ready to leave Australia just yet? What are my options? Would I be able to find a job here in Australia? How do I get the job I want?

Those of us who have been following Meld would have read the numerous stories we’ve published about visas, permanent residencies and career advice.

The reception has been so good we’ve decided to take things offline to hold the first of what will become known as the Meld Sessions.

It will be an opportunity to hear from the experts, learn from those who have gone before us, and ask the questions that have been putting your head into a dizzying spin.

And the first in the series will be a free Career and PR Talk held in partnership with the City of Melbourne on Wednesday October 26 at 6pm to help you prepare for life after graduation.

The talk will be divided into two parts:


Session 1: Staying on in Australia: What are my options?

Want to stay on in Melbourne but don’t know how? Are you eligible for a temporary or a permanent residency? What do the visa changes mean for you? It’s important to know your options.

Speaker: Jensen Ma, partner, Tan & Tan Education Consultants


Session 2: Finding a job in Australia: Are international students employable?



Finding that first job is a daunting enough experience already, let alone a job overseas. Our panel of speakers will share their insights on what employers are looking for, whether international students are at a disadvantage compared to local graduates, career opportunities for international students, as well as success stories that will inspire.



On the panel

  • KPMG in Australia accepts applications from accounting students who have not yet obtained their Australian permanent residency as well as those on Graduate (temporary) Visas. Manisha Maligaspe who oversees Graduate Recruitment in Melbourne will talk about the ins and outs of the recruiting process, what employers are looking for, and opportunities available for international students.
  • Careernav is an online portal offering career advice and guidance to students and graduates in Australia. Andrew Madgwick, Managing Director of Careernav will share his insights about helping students find the right job.
  • After graduating with a MBA from Melbourne Business School, Jason Widjaja nabbed his first job in a management consulting firm Litmus Group with the help of LinkedIn. He shares his success story.


Sounds like something you’d like to be a part of? Join us on Wednesday October 26, 6pm at Winner’s Hall, Ground Floor, 488 Swanston St, Carlton. Seats are limited so do book to avoid disappointment. Email with your name, and the total number of people who will be attending (max booking per person is 5).

There are 10 comments

    1. Karen Poh

      Hi Xinny, the formal part of the event goes for about an hour – drinks and nibblies to follow afterwards, so feel free to hang around and chat!

  1. Jonathan

    Hi! I would like to know if this would apply to those who still have about 1.5 years to go ?

    If so, what is the dress code for the event?

    1. Karen Poh

      Hi Jonathan,

      You’re most welcome to come – it’s good to keep abreast with the developments in visa requirements so you’re not left feeling clueless after graduation. The career talk should certainly help you make the most of your undergraduate years and prepare you for the working world.

  2. Michael


    I am not a student but am looking for a job and would like some visa information, would the talk still be relevant to me as a non graduate? Thanks 🙂

    1. Karen Poh

      Hi Michael,

      The talk will be geared towards helping international students explore their visa options after graduation, as well as how they can be more employable in the Australian marketplace – so it may not answer your questions. What kind of visa information are you after?

  3. Jason Lim


    I have book for 2 seats for this event (its for my friend and I) but I havnt any confirmation email stating the status of my booking. At this moment, we are unsure if we are booked in or not.

  4. Sarah


    I’m visiting Melbourne at the moment as I’m hoping to become an International student here next year. Unfortunately I’ll not be in Melbourne for this session but it sounds like something I might benefit from – is there anything similar online I could avail of or can you suggest a website/organisastion that might be able to help?


    1. Karen Poh

      Hi Sarah, we’ll be making video highlights from the sessions available online – so be sure to check back with us. We’ll also keep you posted on future events taking place. Other organisations that can help you include the City of Melbourne, The Couch, The Australian Federation of International Students, the International Student Legal Advice Clinic and a whole lot more. Your school should also be able to provide you with a wealth of information and resources. We’ve also got a section on our website we call Useful Info you may want to check out ( Hope this helps!

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