10 quirky and creative resumes ideas

JUDGING by the number of advertisements being circulated by companies every day seeking creative, initiative members to join their valuable team, you’d think getting a job after graduation would be a cinch.

Especially after the very expensive degree you paid for. You should be getting results, right? At least that’s what they said on the pamphlet.

The truth is, it’s really hard to get a job these days, especially one that fuels your creative side, while presumably paying you enough to brag about it to your friends.

Most people I know take at least four to six months to find a job after graduation, much of which they spend comforting themselves, a lot. I mean, facing rejection from a hundred different companies is pretty freakin’ brutal. Soon you start blaming the university, your lecturers, your parents, yourself, the weight you gained over Christmas, the government (of course), and your barely visible birthmark. In that order.

But maybe, just maybe, nothing is actually wrong with you. It’s not that you’re not intelligent, hardworking, persistent or, to quote your mum, “not challenged enough”, it could just be that your resume puts HR to sleep.

What the creative industry needs is more than another list of credentials, and what you need is to get NOTICED. The sad truth is, no one really cares that you found a way to nurse a sick puppy while balancing the suffocating duties you had as group leader of university assignment #53, which was worth a ground-shaking 80 per cent.

It could be because the company secretly kicks puppies, but it’s mostly because your employer (or not) didn’t even read your resume. They SCANNED it.

If you’re looking to start your career in an art or design-related field, don’t look for what you should do to create a perfect, crease-free resume, look for what you shouldn’t do. Be initiative, be different, be outrageous. Here are 10 of the best quirky resumes I found online:





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Image 11: Source

I don’t know if these resumes will get you a job for sure, but I do know they’ll make you stand out #LikeaBoss. After all, that’s what resumes are for, aren’t they? To get you that first interview. Then you’re on your own.

Please note that if you’re looking to go corporate, banks have absolutely no sense of humour, so unless you want a suspicious increase in your credit card interest rate, just be boring.

Belinda Tan gets excited over smiley faces and creative ideas. In her spare time, she trains to be a Ninja, wonders about the genetic similarities between unicorns and rhinoceros and enjoys discovering new hiding places. She also sneezes in even numbers, doesn’t like coconuts and uses spell checker to spell rhinoceros. She also chronicles her adventures on her blog.

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