Love Me & Leave Me Fashion Rental

FOR those of us who love the idea of  wearing luxury fashion, but shudder at the price tag, Love Me & Leave Me is the savvy way of satisfying the inner fashionista without breaking the bank.

Since opening in 2006, Love Me and & Leave Me has been making typically steeply priced high-end fashion items more accessible to the general public.

Their idea is a simple one. Instead of having to spend literally thousands on a Balenciaga frock or Prada handbag, you can rent them from Love Me & Leave Me’s online store or Armadale outlet for a fraction of the original price.

The process is as follows – Browse stock, choose item, pay rental fee, wear item out on the town, return item, and pat self on back for being frugal.

Love & Leave Me has a huge range of fashion from some of the best known designers, and includes handbags, accessories, dresses and jewellery.

If you’ve grown particularly fond of the item you’ve rented and can’t bear to part with it, Love Me & Leave Me will sell it to you at a discounted price. And all the items loaned and sold are guaranteed authentics.

Love & Leave Me CEO Simonne Santana thought of the idea after pining after one too many beautiful, but far too expensive designer items.

“The problem with luxury designer product is that while most women love and lust after this calibre of fashion most cannot afford it or simply cannot justify the exorbitant price tags,” she says.

“Borrowing from Love Me & Leave Me is like borrowing from your best friend.

“Women who adore designer fashion should have access to it – designer fashion is not only for socialites and celebrities!”

So, if like Cinderella, you’re strapped for cash and heading to the ball, renting a designer dress is far more practical than summoning up a fairy godmother.

Membership for Love Me & Leave Me’s service is free and you can borrow up to three items at a time with rental fees being charged either weekly or monthly.

And unlike Cinderella, your dress won’t disappear at midnight. You can keep that designer frock for as long as you like.

For more information, visit Love Me & Leave Me’s website or outlet on 1005 High St, Armadale.

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