DIY – 5 fun projects to do doily

IF you thought doilies were nothing more than an ornamental mat favoured by grannies, Victoria Brown shows you five DIY projects that will change your mind.

Lace is in and trending in the fashion world, which makes these projects perfect for crafty fashionistas looking to spruce up their homes or make a fashion statement. You’ll be surprised by the number of things you can turn a humble doily into.

What’s even better, these gorgeous items will only cost you a fraction of the retail price.


Doily-print bowl

DIY: Mini Doily-print bowl by Sodapop Design

Perfect for a simple yet stylish jewellery catcher. It is originally from Sodapop Design and written in German, but can be easily translated to English for more comprehensive instructions.


Doily mini-lamp


DIY Doily mini-lamp

DIY Doily lamp

This is a beautiful idea for a pretty lampshade, but it can also be used as a decorative lace ball or a hanging lantern. It is also surprisingly easy and super affordable! Instructions can be found on More Design Please and Glamour and Grace.


Printed jeans

DIY Gold-printed jeans

A great way to jazz up your old jeans, shorts or canvas bag with some lacy detail. Instructions can be found on Honestly…WTF.


Lace earrings

DIY lace earrings

A fantastic pair of earrings to own which will add a feminine touch to any look. Instructions on how to make these pretty earrings are on Honestly…WTF.


Lacy votive holder

DIY lacy votive holder

Jazz up your home with these pretty candle holders. It’ll also redefine the meaning of a candlelight dinner with your special someone. Instructions can be found on Martha Stewart’s website.

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