Wed May 9: An exclusive hang out with David Choi in Melbourne

FIND out how you can be 1 of 40 lucky Melbourne fans to get  up close and personal with David Choi in an exclusive heart-to-heart about the YouTube superstar’s musical journey, this Wednesday May 9.

Hang out with David Choi, Melbourne

Hang out with David Choi as he shares heart-to-heart about his musical journey on Wednesday May 9, 6.30pm.

IN town next week for his Forever and Ever Asia Pacific Tour, David Choi will be taking time out to talk about the journey he’s been on since his first videos on YouTube.

And if you’d like to learn from him, or have questions you’d like to ask him about his career, how he got started, and the challenges he’s had to wrestle with as an independent musician, he’d like to hear from you.

Melbourne Up Close and Personal 2012All you have to do is post the questions you have for David in the comments section below, remembering to provide your real name and email address, and the 40 winners will be announced at his Melbourne concert on Tuesday  May 8. (You’ll have to be at the concert of course, to be eligible!)

The best questions will also get asked during our up close and personal session on Wednesday evening, starting 6.30pm.

Where will it be held we hear you ask? All we can reveal about the mystery location at this stage is that it’ll be held somewhere in and around the city.

So ask away. And remember, stay on topic for your best chance to win! Good luck!

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  1. Gareth Seah

    My Question would be:
    “Hi David, where would be your favourite city in the Asia Pacfic region that you have since toured and why?”

  2. Sophie Dang

    My question would be:
    “Now that you’ve toured many countries, have a great and supportive following and three albums… do you ever just wake up and feel like you’re living the dream?”

  3. Alice Dang

    My question would be:
    “As a talented, independent musician, how does it feel to compete in an industry that is largely driven simultaneously by talent as well as appearance? Are there moments where insecurities or uncertainty overshadow your drive?

  4. Kaori Huong Le Dieu

    David, I know you are satisfied with the way you are now, an independent musician. However, would you ever wish to debut in a further career, involving in music industry, being more recognizable..? Do you think it will affect the “real music” you created till now? 🙂

  5. Ha Le

    Hello David, how do you feel while working with other talented people come from youtube same as you? Like Clara C, WongFu production… Who is your closest one?

  6. Shing Lang

    My question would be:
    “What is your approach in writing a song and what do you do when you face ‘a writer’s block’?”

  7. Forrister Jenot

    As a Personal Assistant/Tour Manager for a Melbourne based Independent Singer/Songwriter we have discovered that the Social Media market is vital to any artist connecting with their fans…and a wider audience world wide…love to hear your response as you make amazing music and have managed to take this to a massive audience via your youtube success.

  8. Janelle Oh

    Hey David! 🙂

    My question would be… when you uploaded your very first cover on Youtube, “Put your records on”, what were you honestly thinking/hoping for? Did you ever expect to be so big today?


  9. Samantha Ng

    Dear David,
    As a die heart fan girl, please tell me who is your muse?:p There must be something or someone behind all those heart warming songs and lyrics i suppose. Hehe

  10. Fenny Zhou

    Hey David, what was your favourite song to write and which is your favourite to perform?
    Keep up the good work!

  11. Evonne Lim

    Hello David!

    Your music is what I would describe as an indie fusion of catchy pop and a gentle wave of soul. Where do you draw your inspiration from when it comes to writing your music? Also, since now you’ve now received the recognition you deserve as a talented musician, are there any big names you’d like to work with in the future?

  12. Vera Putri Mardjuki

    Hi David,

    You’re someone I look up to not only because you’re famous/talented, but also because you’re such a nice and humble person. Well, nobody’s perfect but I guess you’re close to it.

    Q: What does your fans means to you? And who would you love to thank, for making you who you have become?

    With infinity love,
    Vera Putri Mardjuki (In Melbourne, but Indonesian, raised in Singapore)

  13. Lesley Hong

    Hi David~

    Having been introduced to your music 18 months ago, I never really knew how you started out and became so worldwide and became popular on YouTube.

    So my question basically is… How did you start out in becoming a musician and the steps you took to be more recognised? Could it also be one of the hardest challenges taking those first steps??

  14. Felicia Liemargo

    Hey David 🙂

    I don’t really know you inside out, but you have such a charisma and i think it really shows through how you created your music. Now that many people recognize you as a well-known musician, how do you handle the fame and (good or bad) judgements that people have on you?

    looking forward to see you on Tuesday!!!!

  15. Jayne

    Hi David

    Just interested in knowing how you come up with inspiration for your songs.

    I’ve read your beginnings to music generally, and then onward to the music industry. It’s been quite a journey – do you ever question your choice of career? And if you do what do you do to bounce back?

  16. Thiha Bo SEIN

    Dear David,
    I’ve been your greatest fan since I discovered your song “That girl”, anyway…z here is my Question….

  17. xh

    Always loving the appearance of your lovely dog in your videos, who takes care of Pepper when you’re touring the world?

  18. Ruth Budiman

    My question:

    Putting yourself out there (on YouTube) and allowing people you don’t know to post comments about your art must be nerve-racking, particularly back in those early days as a new YouTube artist. How do you not let criticism / negativity get to you?

  19. Edwin Tedjokusumo

    My Question:

    How did your parents react and what was their attitude at first when you told them you wanted to become a full-time musician? Has there been a change in their attitude since you became the YouTube sensation you are today?

  20. Elisa Handojo

    Hi David, my question is:

    Having millions of viewers on youtube, numerous followers on twitter, and being able to tour around the world, do you consider yourself as successful? If not, what is really that you want to achieve in your life? How do you define success?


  21. Sheryl Ng

    Hey David,

    If you could have one super power. What would it be and why?? 😀

    Pick me pick me!!!!


  22. Gary Tang

    Hi David,
    can you come back to Melb with wongfu the next time ?
    Can you do a collaboration with YTF? 🙂

  23. Ai Vyn

    If you could have one superpower, what would you have?? Okay, on to a more serious question, do you have insecurities? If yes, what are they? If no, well…what keeps u going (besides your love for music & your FANS, of course)?

  24. Yanru

    If you can pick someone to have a duet with, who would it be?
    What would you be doing if you were not singing?
    By the way, would you say hi to shamu le whale if you happen to see him? 🙂

  25. Laura Dexter

    Hey David,
    My question is, if you never became a musician, what is it that you would or would want to be doing? x (:

  26. Kassie

    Dear David,
    What was your favourite song to record on your CDs? Was there a particularly hard song to sing because of the emotion needed? You’re awesome! 🙂

  27. Kenneth C

    Hey David,
    As an aspiring Singer/Songwriter, I find you immensely inspiring to those of us who wish to undertake the seemingly impossible task of pursuing a viable career in music.

    I was just wondering how difficult you found the journey, and what was the driving force that kept you soldiering on? Were there many times that you felt like it was all too much?
    Keep up the amazing work 🙂
    Kenneth C

  28. Laura Dexter

    yo yo yo,
    So David I was just wondering, when did you KNOW that you wanted to pursue a career in music? What were your thoughts, your friends’ thoughts and your family’s thoughts? Have you always been supported or have people told you to just give up?

    What ever you do NEVER give up because you’re amazing and I would cry! 🙂

  29. Jason

    Dear David,
    Given your suggested anxiety when performing at shows, do you ever dream of progressing your career to the point of singing in front of packed-out stadiums and giant venues?
    (Naturally, we as fans, would love for you to get to that level!)

  30. Emily

    Hi Meld team –
    Just wanted to say a big thank you for organising yesterday’s up close & personal session – Keep up the good work!

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