Student sues college for setting too much homework

An international student has tried to sue his college for setting too much homework. Luke Henriques-Gomes has the story.

An international student has tried to sue his college for setting too much homework, but won’t get his day in court after the case was thrown out by a judge.

Hong Kong student Tak On Yee took his case against ANU College to the Federal Magistrates Court, saying he couldn’t finish assignments because of mismanagement and unexpected changes to the course.

Yee’s poor grades meant he was unable to enter undergraduate studies at the Australian National University, which oversees ANU College.

As reported by The Canberra Times, Yee said he was faced with “lots of homework” and the college “conducted courses illegally”.

Mr Yee said he had also been misled about the course components.

But the college argued Yee had suffered no loss or damage and there was no breach of trade practice laws, as he alleged.

Dismissing the case, Judge Warwick Neville said it was clear Yee had a grievance with the college but no legal foundation for his claims.

He said there were other students enrolled in his courses who should have also been affected by the alleged mismanagement.

“But there are no other applications before this court from any other student who was in the same or a similar position as Mr Yee,” he wrote.

Yee was ordered to pay court costs for the college.

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