FTW: Vouchers to Melbourne maid cafe DokiDoki Station

Doki Doki Station, Melbourne maid cafe

Are you a fan of Japanese pop culture?

DokiDoki Station is the latest maid cafe/cosplay restaurant to open in Melbourne – and we”ve got three $5 vouchers to give away to Meld readers who are interested to check it out.

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For your chance to win, tell us what you love about Japanese pop culture in the comments section below, remembering to provide your name and email address.

The competition closes on Sunday July 15 and is only open to those living, studying or working in Victoria. Winners will be picked in a random draw and announced via email on Monday July 16.


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    Japanese pop culture is fast, fresh and radical. I love how they are always creative in their own ideas. Doki Doki Station is definitely an experience worthy to be classified in Japanese pop culture!

  2. vee

    The way they can be unique and stylish in their own manner as well as their clothing is unique that bring out their imagniation. The experience seen in japanese pop culture is unforgetable and the people are well mannered ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Matt

    Pop Culture in Japan is mostly wild, unique and creative that you don’t see very often and it’s nice to have an alternative when it comes to Animation, Video Games, Comics, etc. that can showcase that the rest of the world can offer something amazing to the rest ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Jorge

    Japanese pop culture is a culture that supports creativity in every sense of the word. From Moe and super cute to downright brutal violence, from their rich past to the major distant future. Japanese pop culture Supports my Imagination and keeps my life interesting and adventurous, thats what i love the most about it ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Khatsii

    I love the quirkiness of the culture and the fact that no matter what category of it you’re interested in: visual kei, lolita, cosplay etc. Its excepted and you’re not segregated from social groups because if what you love ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Cat

    Would so like to visit whilst in Melbourne, seem like the right thing to do… Lovely service, great food and a dash of moe and class <3

  7. Yuna

    what i specifically love about Japanese pop culture is the manga and anime films (Naoki Urasawa, Hayao Miyazaki); very original creative stories with philosophical morals hidden behind. Japanese games are also high standard with character designs and exploring unlimited genres. Gyakuten Saiban series and Takio no Tatsujin drum rhythm games are my favourite games. I also absolutely adore collecting rilakkuma bear goods products! kawaii lazy bear >_<

  8. Bianca

    What I love about Japanese culture is the anime and manga! I don’t know where I would be without it! It is so unique, colorful and bright! It is amazing!!!!! I love cosplaying and going to conventions!!!! ^_^

  9. Chuyi (Jessica) Jiang

    I’ve always adore Japanese pop culture since i was a little kid, because it’s always so unconventional and it had lightened up my world with unimaginable ideas and entertainment. especially in manga and anime, where perfection is possible.
    i remember when i was 5 yrs old, my parents asked me where do i want to go when i grow up, i said Japan without any hesitation, they asked why, i said “because they have vending machines!” (because i was watching Digimon at that time and they had vending machines!!!)
    I just LOVE Japanese culture, the anime, the manga, the food, the costume, the cosplay, the language, the culture…. EVERYTHING!!!! xD

  10. Tulli

    The pop culture in Japan is sweetly unique. It stands on the most latest of fashion trends and is constantly evolving with the times. I love that it can never be defined by one thing. There are so many aspects of pop culture in Japan from manga’s, anime’s, conventions, clothing styles, even behaviours. It’s got layers of different sub culture. Within Harajuku fashions there are visual kei, gyaryu and kawaii fashion.
    My favourite part of the Japanese culture is that they aren’t afraid to explore new boundaries and try new and unusual combinations to create something so unique, it’s catchy.

  11. steve holmes

    I think that Japanese pop culture is adorably cute and I’ve loved it ever since I was in Highschool. The stories evolve to stay with the times and the animation style evolves with it. The outfits are creative and beautiful with vivid colours and look pristine. Japanese pop culture is unique and full of life, and its enthusiasm and dedication to the art form can’t be matched anywhere else in the world.

  12. April Willis

    I love Japanese culture its amazing!! as a passionate otaku I love everything about japan. They have the best food too!! anime is the best and so is manga it beats Americans and other countries any day. Cosplay in japan fun and absolutely awesome!! they have such a cute and outgoing look in Cosplay. They are also very polite people and their beliefs/culture is really interesting, in many anime/manga (s) they show bits of their personal culture within it. I say I’m very privileged to have met Japanese people and learnt about their culture at school, the exchange program is amazing and I get to here so much things about their culture when they come to my school. japan is very beautiful, the nature is just amazing!!! (as I said I love basically everything to do with japan) the technology they have is very advanced to its farther ahead than many countries. Japan’s outgoing, bubbly culture is so pleasant and beautiful and can’t ever be anything less that anywhere in the world.

  13. Maggie

    I really LOVE Japanese culture because the stuff in Japan is so kawaii and there are a lot of interesting things like Anime, Manga and Cosplay. Which make me really want to go to Japan.๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’œ

  14. Celynna

    ๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿ˜ƒThe reason why I love Japanese culture is because most of the things that I love comes from Japan. For example I love squishes, anime, manga, cosplay, the food, technology, some of their traditions and the scenery in Japan. I also like the people in Japan because when I went there they’re so kind, polite, cheerful and very friendly. So those are some of the reasons of why I like Japanese culture.๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐ŸŒธ

  15. Emma-chan

    The Japanese pop culture is just always thinking outside the box, and I love that. I’m more into the anime/magna side of it but after digging a bit more and I found the fun and crazy side of it. Like you could think of something weird and just out of the ordinary, and it could happen in Japan. And nobody could really judge, because its already fun, weird and crazy (all at the same time) And when I’m a bit older (and have money) I would love to see the culture right in front of my eyes in Japan. Arigato gozaimasu ^_^ ^_~ <3

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