FTW: Two double passes to ACMI’s Game Masters exhibition

IT’S the must-visit event for every gaming enthusiast – and we have two double passes to give away! Find out how you can win a chance to experience ACMI’s Game Masters exhibition.

Melbourne ACMI Game Masters exhibition

The Australian Centre for the Moving Image’s Game Masters exhibition has been on for almost two months now. If you haven’t visited it yet, why not?

Perhaps you weren’t aware of the exhibition’s highlights in the coming months.

Or maybe you were just waiting for the chance to win a double pass to it from us.

Wait no longer!

We’ve got two double passes to the Game Masters exhibition, worth AU$44 each, to give away!

For your chance to win one, tell us what your favourite video games are in the comments section below. Remember to provide your real name and email address so we can get in touch with you.

The competition closes on Wednesday, 5th September  and is only open to those living, studying or working in Victoria. Winners will be picked in a random draw and announced via email on Thursday, September 6. Passes expire on Friday, September 28 2012.

For more information about the Game Masters exhibition, check out our coverage, or visit the official Game Masters website.

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  1. Jade

    How can I choose a favourite video game??! There are soooo many different but equally great ones around! I will always love Super Mario on the NES as it was one of the first games I owned and played and I was also the first in my group of friends and family to finish it. Then there was the hours spent playing Need for Speed 3 on the playstation (for a car racing game) umm… quite a bit of time was wasted on Fighting Vipers on the Sega! I mean, Candy could attack with her arse! Who can do that?! lol! Games recently though, you’ve gotta love the Portal series and the Uncharted series. Awesome as games! Oh and Journey.. that was a pretty amazing game too! Yeah.. it is way too hard to choose a favourite game after the thousands that have been made and the fact I haven’t been able to play them all. WAY TOO MANY GOOD ONES! =)

  2. Ken

    I actually like games to be less realistic and less graphic. Preferably, it has a silly concept with cute graphics and ‘happy’ music. In that regard, I love the old Bubble Bobble, where a baby cartoon dragon, captures the baddies by blowing bubbles, while jumping levels in his quest for fruit and candy!

  3. Dwayne Ong

    My favourite game of all time would be…… ROME TOTAL WAR ! To me that is one of the all time best real-time strategy game. Picture this, you get to command large Roman armies and almost various other factions such as Greece ! Macedon !and many more. Plus the biggest upside to this game for me would be that it is historically accurate ! Its a free history lesson through gaming. Its just too good of a game to be put into words

  4. stephen

    my favorite game is the metal gear genre. where the game is like a fully interactive movie. the storyline is both grim and yet where there is lost there is always hope in the end. as each new title from Kojima released, there is always new things to do in the game that makes the game play interesting and intuitive. and that there are loads of unlockables that makes playback so much more sweeter even though you have finish the game once.

  5. Clarissa Joyce

    THE SIMS, I never get bored playing it… I’ve been playing The Sims ever since it came out (I still remember trying to get the hang of it with Bob and Betty Newbie) and I also tried them on different platforms (PC, playstation2, wii, mobile, social media). Honestly just one of the games you can never get tired of.

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