Spring fashion trends for men

OLIVIA Merlen takes to the streets of Melbourne to find out what the boys should be wearing this spring.

Last week, we brought you the hottest trends for women from the Melbourne Spring Fashion Festival (MSFW). So it’s only fair that this week, we give the opposite sex a nod too. Guys, get your pens ready. This is what’s in for you this season.


Pastels on the David Jones runway. Photo courtesy Lucas Dawson

MSFW was a sea of pastels last week and the women weren’t the only ones wearing them.

We canvassed the fashion assistants at Arthur Galan in Myer and their response was unanimous – light blues, pinks and purples are the must-have colours for guys this spring.

Don’t believe us? One look at the runway offerings from David Jones and French Connection and you’ll agree we’re right.

But if you’re worried all this pastel will threaten your manhood, take a leaf out of Mad Men and go for a blue blazer. Zara on Bourke Street currently has a very affordable one at only $99. You could match it with pants in a different shade of blue or simply wear dark jeans and white shirt. Have a look at Ewan McGregor on the front of GQ magazine for inspiration.

Casual wear

Casual wear: Levis. Photo courtesy Lucas Dawson

Just because it’s casual, doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish.

Industrie fashion assistant Max Leon says shorts, singlets and the beloved white t-shirt can all be serious fashion statements when done properly.

“In Australia we have our own sort of look,” she says.

You don’t have to have been in Melbourne long to know that look is laidback and pretty optimistic, no matter how cold it is outside.

Levi put on a fantastic show at MSFW, taking the humble jean to a new level by giving it a vintage twist.Target also showed that shorts can be extremely formal if you team them with a bright blazer.

You can pick up a great pair of denim shorts from Zara on Bourke Street for $59. Industrie also has their Angler DC short for $40, while at Asos, you can buy pastel shorts in every shade of the rainbow.

Bright coloured jackets, parkas and anoraks

Jackets: French Connection. Photo courtesy Lucas Dawson

Jackets: French Connection. Photo courtesy Lucas Dawson

Spring is unpredictable, especially in Melbourne, so it should come as no surprise that the designers at MSFW weren’t ready to give up their rain gear just yet.

French Connection sent the most amazing fluorescent yellow jacket down the runway, but if you don’t have a spare $150 lying around, head online to Topman or Asos, where you can get anoraks and parkas for just $35.


Stripes: French Connection. Photo courtesy Lucas Dawson

Stripes are always trendy no matter what the season is, especially if you’re going for a young and relaxed look.

French Connection, Sportscraft and Levi all showed off their stripy side at MSFW, but for the affordable, street wear alternative, check out Zara for striped sweaters from $39.95 and Topman, $55.

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