Contemporary Site Investigations: Flinder Street Station

Do you want to explore more about Flinder St Station? CSI artists will allow you to explore the cultural and historical importance of Flinder St Station through a contemporary lens. There are hidden spaces in the station which you have never seen before.



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  1. Hugh Davies

    I was a member of the Victorian Railways Institue Brass Band which rehearsed for many years in the Flinders St. building. It has many memories for me. During the 1960’s and early 70’s it was one of the better bands in Melbourne.
    Financially the railways could not support a band any more, so the band members decided to become the Oakleigh City band as they wanted a band in their district. The band is still active in Oakleigh as I attended a concert they presented last Sunday 7/10/2012. If you need anymore information on the Railways band please get in touch.

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