Meld’s Halloween Guide (Part 1): Spooktastic costumes

MELD’s Entertainment team have come together to create the ultimate Halloween “how-to”. From music to movies, costumes to decorations, we have all your bases covered for the greatest fright night yet.  First up, Jamie-Maree helps you kick those cliché costumes to the curb.

I’ll begin with disproving a very popular Halloween notion, one which I’m sure many girls learnt from the Mean Girls film; Halloween is the one time of year girls can dress slutty and no-one can say anything. Well, I would disagree.

Halloween is the one time of the year when you can truly go creative with your get up so why waste it with the less is more concept. More is more!

The main idea is to go as something scary so why not draw inspiration from scary sources – not from a Playboy Bunny!

You could get some ideas from films that came out this year. Perhaps dressing up as a spaceperson/scientist  from the big blockbuster film Prometheus?

Or perhaps, as a poltergeist/evil spirit from the fourth Paranormal Activity instalment? Or even a vampire – based on the Dark Shadows film starring Johnny Depp, not Twilight!

Dark Shadows, yes. Twilight, no. Photo: Pop Culture Geek via flickr

Better yet, I’d love to see someone attempt a shark costume from the Aussie film Bait 3D!

Even this dog thinks a shark costume is a good idea. Photo: San Diego Shooter via flickr

Next, Juliana Mare has some suggestions for your Halloween playlist.

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