Meld goes to MBFW 2013: Up next, The Group Swim Runway

STREET, casual and evening wear won’t be the only looks taking centre stage at MBFWA 2013. Tonight, The Group Swim Runway promises to showcase the staple of all Aussie girls-bathers. Jamie-Maree Shipton dives into the details. 

As the first day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia kicks off, Meld will be attending the The Group Swim showcase tonight.

The showcase will be held at Carriageworks, the home base of the event, where swimwear designers Gypsea, Maidenlove, Skye and Staghorn, Surface Too Deep will be featured.

Here is a quick low-down on the designers:


Photo: Gypsea Lookbook

Photo: Gypsea Lookbook

Gypsea’s SPRING SUMMER 2013/14 , titled the ‘Elements’, is a collection inspired by the classical elements earth, water, air and fire. The theme matches perfectly to the brand’s aesthetic, which designer Scott Bauer and Emma Brereton explains, seeks to embody the immense natural beauty of nature through a relationship between photography, design and fashion that creates a ‘wearable art’. This collection is also largely inspired by photographs of the Western Australian Outback Coast and its surrounds.


Photo: Maidenlove Lookbook

Photo: Maidenlove Lookbook

Photo: Skye and Staghorn Lookbook

Photo: Skye and Staghorn Lookbook

Maidenlove is a tribute to designer Kirsten Sikiotis’ love of the sun and life. Maidenlove’s mantra is to follow ones heart like it is your first true love or maiden voyage.

The SPRING SUMMER 2013/14 Maidenlove’s collection has been designed to embody a sunny and sporty influence with masculine undertones and the signature nautical referencing.

Skye and Staghorn

From the Whitehouse Institute of Design, Jessica Baxter and Dakota Gilbert present SKYE & Staghorn.

For those who are after that ultra sports luxe staple piece, the SPRING SUMMER 2013/14 will feature clean lines with pops of nautical, khaki greens, camos and soft hues of orange, and the coveted neoprene and mesh details.

The pieces are chic and athletic, and brings a lot of strength to the feminine form.


Photo: Surface Too Deep Lookbook

Photo: Surface Too Deep Lookbook

Surface Too Deep

New Zealand designers Esther Miro and Sarah-Jane Abraham’s swimwear will showcase the pair’s in-house designed signature prints.

The SPRING SUMMER 2013/14, titled “The Amazing Adventures of Bonnie and Belle”, was developed around the nostalgic feeling of past adventures two friends have shared while growing up together.

Don’t forget you can catch the show online at, and watch this space for more updates and reviews post show!

Happy Fashion Week!

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