FTW: ‘Cranked Up’ for Circus Oz

AUSTRALIA’S beloved circus act is back with a new show in 2013. Sarah Lim catches a preview of the exciting performances in store and tells you how you can win one of two pairs of tickets in the Meld FTW Giveaway!

FTW Circus OZ 2013

Australia’s beloved Circus Oz is back in town, and promises to bring audiences a more spectacular show than what was seen before.

This year’s show is titled Cranked Up, and in artistic director Mike Finch’s words, it’s a “version 2.0 or a turbo-charged version” of last year’s show From The Ground Up.

“This year we’ve got a new performer and five new acts… Literally the show has been ‘cranked up’,” he says.

There are also other reasons why the talented circus company is on a high. This new show comes on the back of a successful tour around regional Australia, standing ovations in New York City, and an extended season across America last year.

What better way to mark Circus Oz’s 35th birthday than this?

Much-loved acts from last year such as “Fantaysia Fitness” will be making a comeback, but with added oomph.

There are also new acts to look forward to, including stunts in a creatively comedic presentation featuring Indigenous performer Mark Sheppard.

There are headstands by Shane Witt and acrobatics by Fantaysia Fitness. Photos: Rob Blackburn

There are headstands by Shane Witt and acrobatics by Fantaysia Fitness. Photos: Rob Blackburn

“We’re like an evolving rock band still holding on to our original values especially inclusion and reverence and counter-culture,” Finch says.

“But it’s constantly renewed by new people, so 35 years feels really good, it’s really exciting.”

The cast members of "Cranked Up". (Image: Rob Blackburn)

The cast members of “Cranked Up”. (Image: Rob Blackburn)

It’s a delight to see local circus companies like Circus Oz go from strength to strength, and the new season ahead is one worth looking forward to – a celebration of diversity, routines bursting with energy, and sheer joy and entertainment.

Cranked Up will run from June 19 to July 14, 2013 in Melbourne at the Circus Oz Big Top. Tickets are priced between $24 and $92. For more information on the show, visit www.circusoz.com.

Meld Magazine has two double passes up for grabs to see Cranked Up on Friday June 21, 7.30pm. For your chance to win, leave a comment telling us your favourite circus performance by Thursday June 13. Please provide a real name and email address so we can get in touch with you. Winners will be selected in a random draw and notified via email.

There are 16 comments

  1. Jules

    Favorite circus performance is probably by our beloved Prime Minister, Najib.. his acts & performance towards his rakyat. Always so entertaining and keeps us wondering what would be his next trick.

  2. Jordan W

    Absolutely love the clown act that keeps going during the show. I ws never afraid of clowns – always loved them! So that would have to be number one for me!

  3. Peter Koutoumanos

    Favourite circus performance?TRAPEZE!
    Love watching the flying trapeze because it feels like you’re flying and dancing at the same time!So magical:)

  4. Mr Mark W Allen

    My favourite circus performance would have to be from last year’s Circus Oz: ‘From the Ground Up’!

    “Bev Parker”, Front of House Manager & multi-talented performer, dressed in a teddy-bear suit, was absolutely brilliant; the best I have seen at engaging & connecting with the audience!

    It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience!

  5. Prue

    One of my last highlights was watching the trapeze,
    But the performer did not glide through the air with ease!
    The net was there to catch him as he fell,
    The good sport tried again, and executed it well!

  6. Danielle

    My very first and very best circus experience was Circus Oz at the Speigeltent in Melbourne. The contortionist was my favourite performance.

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