FTW: Meld street art challenge and win a Little Orange Book of Big Discounts!

TAKE a photo in front of your favourite piece of street art in Melbourne and stand the chance to win one of three copies of Meld’s exclusive Little Orange Book of Big Discounts, containing some $1000 worth of offers and deals!  

Melbourne is known as one of the great street art capitals of the world, and  this month, we’re inviting you to explore and stand the chance to win one of three awesome copies of Meld’s Little Orange Book of Big Discounts.

In the CBD, you’ll run into stunning renegade artworks on almost every corner, from along the railway and tram lines to Melbourne’s famous alleys and laneways.

And while you’re exploring, see if you can spot the difference between what’s considered street art, and what’s known as “tagging” or “graffiti”.

Street art is commissioned artwork created by artists with the permission of the council or the owner of the canvas, such as murals or art installations on the streets. “Tagging” on the other hand, is the illegal marking of someone’s property without his or her permission, and is considered vandalism.

Some notable artists who have splashed their artworks over Melbourne walls are Banksy, ABOVE, Fafi, D*FACE, Logan Hicks and Revok.

To get you started, some of the Meld team’s favourite spots to do some “wall watching” include:

  • Hosier and Rutledge Lane opposite Federation Square
  • Union Lane off Bourke Street Mall; and
  • 21 Degraves St
And to stand a chance to win a copy of our Little Orange Book of Big Discounts all you have to do is:

  1. Take a photo of yourself in front of your favourite piece of street art in Melbourne.
  2. Email that photo along with a short paragraph telling us why you like that particular piece of street art to pickme@meldmagazine.com.au.
  3. Don’t forget to include your contact details so we can get in touch with you if you’re a winner!

The closing date for entries is June 3, 2013. We’ll be picking three of our favourites as winners, so get street art snapping and good luck!

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