The Weekender: May 31-June 2

BE dazzled by lights, check out some inventive art or catch the new King Kong musical. The choice is yours as Vivian Tan guides you through this weekend. 

Light Painting Photography Walking Workshop
Friday May 31, 7 pm – 9:30 pm, Federation Square, 2 Swanston St, Melbourne


You’ll be able to create light paint photos like this at the workshop. Photo by VFS Digital Design via Flickr

Never heard of light paint photography before? If you have a keen photographic eye, you may want to consider visiting the Light Painting Photography workshop this weekend. You do not have to be a professional photographer to enjoy this walking workshop around Melbourne’s city.

The workshop will be conducted by two tutors who will guide you around the city in order for you to get the best spots to shoot your light paintings. The equipment to capture the beauty of these light paintings such as external flashes, light sticks, flash gels and more will be provided.

The workshop, which will run for two and a half hours, will cost $15. For bookings and other information about the workshop, refer to Partners in Light’s website.

The Light in Winter
June 1-30, Federation Square, Flinders St, Melbourne


Join together to celebrate communities at Federation Square. Image via Federation Square (

The annual Light in Winter program returns to Federation Square, offering visitors a month-long series of free-events, screenings and exhibitions throughout June.

The focus of the event has always been to unite communities and this weekend, The Light In Winter’s launch will be marked by the presence of the gorgeously lit 13 metre-tall Helix Tree. Created by one of Australia’s premier light artists, Bruce Rasmus, the tree will act as a signifier of connection, voice and power.

Bruce Rasmus will be present during the Solstice Weekend at the free lighting workshops for those keen to learn more about Rasmus’ craft.

Needless to say, those of you considering to take part in The Light In Winter’s festivities will be greeted by a myriad of beautiful colours.

The Light in Winter event will be free for all visitors. You can find out more about The Light In Winter and its other events and activities at the event page over at Federation Square’s website.

Joining Forces Group Show
Top Shelf Gallery, Level 3, 369 Lonsdale St, above Deans Art Melbourne


Just a sample of some of the creative works displayed at the Joining Forces Group Show. Photo courtesy of Yeok (

Brace yourself for a whole lot of creativity splashed across canvas, paper and other interactive pieces!  In this art exhibition, six passionate artists have come to together to create an exhibit showcasing their collaborated works of art to the public.

The artists, Zahra Zainal, Brendan Ninness, Jeffrey Phillips, Gemma Flack, Rhiannon Thomas and Sebastian Berto each have their own brand of eccentric and visually imaginative styles which will delight art enthusiasts looking for something a bit different.

Through their combined works, visitors will be able to see how each work raises ideas of community, co-operation and collaboration.

The exhibition is free for visitors. For a taste of some of the artists individual works, click on their names above. All other information about the exhibition can be found on the event page.

King Kong: The Eighth Wonder of the World
Various times. Season begins Thursday May 28. Regent Theatre 191-197 Collins St, Melbourne

The story of King Kong may be familiar to most people but you’ll most likely have never seen it exhibited like this before. King Kong: The Eighth Wonder of the World will be playing an exclusive Melbourne season this June at Melbourne’s Regent Theatre.

Those who are curious to see how this production has encapsulated the story of the famous giant gorilla will be in for a treat. While the story of King Kong does have a sense of extravagance, the production team have been able to encapsulate the essence of King Kong into an exciting musical. The production – five years in the making – will feature plenty of singing, choreography and puppetry to satisfy even the most ardent of theatre-goers, promising an experience that will re-define musical theatre.

As for Kong himself, a team of puppeeters will control the six-metre tall, one-tonne gorilla during the show (said to be one of the most technologically advanced puppets in the world!).

For ticketing and further information about the musical production, visit the show’s official website.

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