Vine or Instavideo? A look at video-sharing apps

FROM sharing images to sharing moving images, Yoanita Marselia explores the latest video-sharing apps Instavideo and Vine and what people are using them for.


Video-sharing applications such as the recently launched “Instavideo” by Instagram, and Vine are becoming increasingly popular on social media. The two apps currently have millions of users.

Both apps allow users to play multiple videos in sequence, but that’s where the similarities end.

Instavideo allows users to record up to 15 seconds of footage in a video, which can be edited and shared like photographs on Instagram. However, the videos cannot be looped, and can only be embedded onto websites from computers.

In contrast, videos recorded using Vine lasts only up to six seconds and cannot be edited. They can however be looped and embedded with mobile devices.

“Vine and Instavideo are very appealing because of the ease of making videos, the fact that you can share your own videos with the public and having the chance of people all around the world seeing them,” says avid Instavideo and Vine user, Melissa Ilyas.

Some of the more popular Vine videos currently circulating the internet mock celebrities and recreate movie scenes.

Others tell original, short stories in six seconds.

Not to be outdone, an Instavideo users shows what she can do with 15 seconds.

For now, it seems Instavideo and Vine are leading the charge regarding short, sharp video on the internet. Yet both are different enough to distinguish themselves to cater to different people.

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