The Weekender: September 26 – 28

ENJOY a haunting musical at Prahran, take part in the AFL Grand Final festivities at Fed Square, revel in some anime and gaming culture at the Royal Exhibition Building or improve your cooking skills for free at the CBD. Daniel Driscoll has you covered this weekend.

Carrie: The Musical
Thursday, September 27 – Sunday, October 12 (Various times); Chapel Off Chapel (12 Little Chapel St, Prahran)

Image: Carrie The Musical Facebook page

Image: Carrie The Musical Facebook page

Based on the classic Stephen King novel that was adapted into a famous film in 1976 (and to an extent, into a remake that came out last year, starring Chloë Grace Moretz), Carrie: The Musical recreates the horror of the tale by adapting its supernatural setting into a musical.

The classic horror story is about an outcast girl who, after being constantly bullied by her classmates, unleashes fire and brimstone upon them. 

The Chapel off Chapel version of the musical is a revised take on the one debuted Off-Broadway in 2012.

Whether or not you have seen the film or read the book, Carrie: The Musical is definitely going to be an intriguing night out.

For more info and to book tickets head to the Chapel off Chapel site

Free AFL Grand Final Week Activities at Fed Square
Friday, September 26 (6.00am – 3.00pm); Federation Square (Corner Flinders St and Swanston St, Melbourne)

Photo: Jimmy Harris via Flickr

Photo: Jimmy Harris via Flickr

One of the biggest events in Australia’s sporting calendar is coming this weekend – all the action of the AFL Grand Final!

The Grand Final celebrations officially kick off at Fed Square, where you will be able to catch the game live at the big screen. Before the actual game begins, spectators can dabble in all sorts of pre-game activities and get excited.

From live music performances by various artists including The Madden Brothers to the Grand Final Parade where fans can spot their favourite players like Rory Sloane, Taylor Walker and Jeremy Cameron, Melbourne knows exactly how to celebrate footy.

Eager footy enthusiasts can start the day by catching a special outdoor broadcast of Sunrise at 6.00am (yes, 6.00am!) live on Federation Square’s giant screen. Chris Hemsworth (star of the film Thor) and Ed Sheeran will also be making appearances on the show.

For more information about the parade, head to the AFL Grand Final website.

For comprehensive details about the Grand Final Week’s program, head to the Federation Square’s website.

Animaga Expo
Saturday, September 27 (9.00am – 7.00pm) – Sunday, September 28 (9.00am – 5.00pm); Royal Exhibition Building (9 Nicholson St, Carlton)

Image via Animaga Expo Facebook page

Image: Animaga Expo Facebook page

With the demise of Manifest, formerly the leading anime festival in Melbourne, comes an all-new anime festival!

Animaga Expo will be taking place at the Royal Exhibition Building this weekend and brings the usual assortment of activities for anime, manga and gaming enthusiasts to enjoy.

Visitors will be able to participate in various activities including cosplay competition, karaoke, video gaming, manga-drawing tutorials, drawing competitions and table-top gaming.

If you need to take a break from all those activities, a Maid Cafe will be available on site to offer you relaxing food and drinks. So don’t miss your chance to experience this time-honoured tradition, based on the similar cafes in Japan!

More details about the Animaga Expo can be found at their official website.

So You Think You Can Cook?
Saturday, September 27 (10.30am – 12.30pm); Multicultural Hub (506 Elizabeth St, Melbourne)

Photo:  nAok0

Photo: nAok0

If you rather not spend money being out and about this weekend, consider heading down to the Multicultural Hub for a free cooking class and take home some valuable life skills!

The free cooking workshop will be headed by Chef Rajiv from Old Pepper and include a trip to Queen Victoria Market.

From there, participants will be able to take part in the actual cooking process and hopefully learn from what should be a very beneficial experience!

Alhough the event is free, bookings are essential. To secure a spot in the cooking workshop, head over to the event’s official Eventbrite page.

For further information about the events, refer to the workshop’s official event page over at the City of Melbourne’s website.

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