Five Plus Smoothie opens on Little Lonsdale St

MEETING the recommended daily dietary intake of fruit and veg might have just gotten easier with the opening of Five Plus Smoothie in the city. Rachel Furolo tells you how it can be done with just one very delicious smoothie. 

Photo: Rachel Gan

Photo: Rachel Gan

With its super central location opposite QV, Five Plus Smoothie may just be your answer to the age-old “I didn’t have time for breakfast”.

Tucked away in Little Lonsdale St, it’s nestled comfortably amongst a bevy of cafes and other food and drink outlets, offering up an alternative beverage to Melbourne city folk.

The store’s offerings speak to a growing market of health conscious consumers who believe that you are what you eat.

The smoothies at Five Plus come with information that customers can read as to why their chosen smoothie is nutritionally valuable. For example, The Perfect Date combines oats, almond milk, banana, dates, cinnamon and ice which will have benefits to muscles, brain, skin, energy and weight management.


Five Plus director Vivian Lam (centre) speaking with guests at the store’s launch. Photo: Rachel Gan

The woman behind Five Plus, Vivian Lam, was herself a convert after discovering the positive effects adjusting her diet to include green smoothies was having on her body.

It was the starting point, and guiding principle behind her business.

“It’s not about dieting but about nourishing your body,” she said.

“Nutritionists recommend that we eat two fruits and three vegetables every day, so Five Plus smoothies do just that, having at least five in every smoothie and usually more.”

So the next time hunger pangs or the thirst for a cool refreshing beverage strike, as its namesake suggests, Five Plus Smoothie may just be the perfect destination to get your five daily serves of fruit and veg in one cool delicious hit.

Five Plus Smoothie is located on 265 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne. The store is open weekdays 8am to 6pm and weekends from 10am to 4pm. 

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