Study Melbourne Info Day returns Saturday

YOUR one-stop shop for international students’ informational and entertainment needs can be found at Study Melbourne Info Day this March 14. Darren Boon has more information. 

For international students who are either new to Melbourne or who want to become more aware of the services that are available to them while they study in Australia, this Saturday, March 14 will mark the return of the Study Melbourne Info Day.

Organised by the Australian Federation of International Students (AFIS), the one day event held in Storey Hall (336 – 348 Swanston St, near Melbourne Central) invites international students to come along and obtain invaluable advice on living, their careers and their visas. The event also offers them the chance to network, make new friends and have fun.

Split into three themes, ‘Fun, Fact & Friend’, attendees can look forward to building new friendships with other international students through various entertaining activities and learn a lot through some of the event’s presentations which have been carefully catered towards freshly arrived students.

Kai Jie Lim, AFIS’ president, told Meld that international students would benefit from the panel discussion on Enriching International Students Experience.

“[Our] panel discussion on ‘Enriching International Students Experience’ encompasses methods in building resumes, finding employment and understanding the legal rights and support for students out there,” Lim said.

The AFIS president also added that students looking to gain employment in Australia after graduation can also look forward to a discussion on visa information.

Essentially the Study Melbourne Info Day is meant to be a “one-stop station for all informational and entertainment needs for international students studying in Victoria”, Lim said.

According to Lim, more than 200 to 250 have turned up for previous Info Days and feedback from participants are largely positive which is no doubt a testament to the success of this event.

If students wish to learn more from a wide range of topics including career advice, where they can volunteer work and sources of entertainment and good food, the Study Melbourne Info Day will provide all this and more.

While the event is free for all international students, registration is still needed. Registration can be done at the event’s page over at the Australian Federation of International Students’ official website.

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