Oz Apocalypse: Jump out of the chair and into the game!

YOUR years of preparation for a zombie apocalypse have paid off as Melbourne’s biggest real-life zombie battle has arrived. Emily Umstad has the details and shares how you can win one of two double passes to the event.

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Imagine that the world has been overrun by an infection that turns everyone you know and love into blood thirsty, vicious zombies. Think 28 Days Later or Dawn of the Dead where you’re the sole survivor, slaying zombies with army grade weaponry in a blood bath in order to ensure the continuation of mankind.

Think this is only possible in films and in gaming? Think again as Oz Apocalypse invites you to jump off the couch and onto the zombie-infested battlefield in a new multi-sensory experience that feels so real that some people are too frightened to complete the course.

The experience brings your favourite zombie video games and films to life in what’s being touted as an “in real life” interactive gaming experience. Taking place at Melbourne Showgrounds, it will feature different “missions and tasks” that take place in an “abandoned, overrun medical facility” where you are one of eight survivors who’re armed with point scoring laser weaponry.

Oz Apocalypse offer two games: Lazarus and Battle Apocalypse. Lazarus offers an immersive style of play that features a storyline, while Battle Apocalypse is grown up laser tag with weapons where you fight to the death against another team.

CEO of Horror Corp Entertainment, Chess Allan said “if you love playing Call of Duty: Zombies” than this is the game for you as it has similar style weaponry and task-based gameplay.

“Stepping into this will give you the sensory experience you crave, this is the live experience of your games,” said Allan.

“The second you step into the game you are immersed in this apocalyptic world.”

Meld Magazine has two double passes to give away to the Lazarus event from Oz Apocalypse. Simply enter your details into the RaffleCopter box below for a chance to win! Winners will be able to book themselves into one of three sessions available on either Friday (May 1), Saturday (May 2) or Sunday (May 3).

For more details and to purchase tickets check out their website.

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  1. Bill

    Yep, this was the biggest disappointment of my life. Over $100 per person to spend literally 15 minutes in a cheap haunted house (admittedly, while holding cool guns).

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