Top 5 international Instagram makeup artists you should follow

STUCK in a monotonous rut with your makeup? Looking for some inspiration to spice up your look? Emily Umstad has the details on which Instagram makeup gurus from different parts of the world can help you look your best!


Normally when you search for tips on how to perfect the dreaded winged liner, or how to overdraw lips, we hop onto YouTube to watch a video tutorial and copy as we go. But Instagram can also be just as amazing of a tool for students wanting to be inspired by new looks or for those who need to hone their own makeup skills.

It’s not just a place for selfies and photos of plates of food, at its best Instagram can be your personal pocket look book with makeup artists ready to inspire and excite you with everything from the avant-garde to the every day!

We’ve made a list of some of the best Instagram makeup artists from around the world that you should be following!

Lisa Eldridge (United Kingdom)

One of the world’s premier celebrity makeup artists, Lisa Eldridge shares with her followers on Instagram the tips and tricks for those wanting to go for celebrity-inspired looks.

Featuring behind-the-scenes photos of her with her famous clientele, Lisa’s Instagram also includes ideal makeup looks for the everyday woman of all backgrounds and ages.

Asahi Sasaki (Japan)

Asahi Sasaki is a popular Japanese beauty guru on Youtube and on Instagram whose posts feature advice on makeup, nails, hair and fashion as well as lifestyle posts about life in Japan.

Her posts feature wearable everyday looks that are always fresh and natural, with a mix of quirky transformation posts, like her Frozen transformation which is uncanny!

Annalee Muggeridge (New Zealand)

Got a hot date or a special occasion coming up? Annalee is your go to girl! Her Instagram is full of inspiring and easy to recreate makeup looks for every occasion.

This New Zealand beauty’s Instagram page features full glamour with bold colours and looks to give your makeup a new edge. With product reviews, photography and makeup inspiration pictures, this beauty is a must follow.

Azzah Zubair (Pakistan)

With her exotic looks and amazing talents, Azzah Zubair posts exactly what you want to see in your Instagram feed. Azzah’s hair-styling posts show step-by-step guides on how to achieve the latest looks.

As well as hair, Azzah is an extremely skilled makeup artist specialising in glamour and event looks while her bridal makeup can come off looking like works of art.

Jenny Do (Australia)

This talented Aussie makeup artist is a bridal makeup specialist. Her Instagram stands out for her incredible before and after shots from makeovers she has done, stunning bridal work and the ability to produce flawless makeup on women of all backgrounds.

Specialising in makeup on Asian women, Jenny is fast becoming one of the most popular Australian makeup artists on Instagram.

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