Top picks for snack foods at Queen Victoria Market

LOOKING to snack on something while enjoying a day out at Queen Victoria Market? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Zhang Jiaqi, Cara Pham and Sun Yuqi wander the market and recommend their top places to visit for some quick food and drinks. 


Photo: Zhang Jiaqi

The shopfronts at Queen Victoria Market are the heart and soul of Melbourne’s thriving market scene, and the go-to place for fresh produce and wide range of weird and wonderful retail stores.

It is also known for a variety of delicious and not-so-healthy snacks that draw just as big a crowd.

First built in 1978, the Queen Victoria Market quickly became one of the largest markets in the city and is currently the only major CBD market in Melbourne still thriving today.

The market is divided into two sections, the upper and lower. The lower section is the oldest of the two, and the upper section has been previously used as a school and a cemetery.

With much to find and explore across both market sections, we take a look at some of the best foods and drinks you can find at Queen Vic! Just don’t forget to buy some fruit and vegetables to go with these desserts.

American Doughnut Kitchen


Photo: Zhang Jiaqi

This iconic doughnut van has been operating since the 1950s and hasn’t changed its recipe since its inception.

These hot, jam-filled doughnuts are best enjoyed while wandering around the market. They not only taste amazing but are a sugary bite of market history.



Photo: Zhang Jiaqi

The drinks at this stall are fresh and come in a variety of vibrant colours. If you feel hot or tired during your market wanderings, a burst of energy from this juice stall – located in the centre of the market – will keep you cool and full of energy.

The Waffle Club


Photo: Zhang Jiaqi

Located in the market’s newest extension, String Bean Alley, the Waffle Club lives up to its name.

With four different types of waffles on offer from all over the world, it’s the perfect place to sit and rest and watch the hustle and bustle of the markets while enjoying something sweet.

Lollie Lovers


Photo: Zhang Jiaqi

The perfect place to go for old-fashioned boiled sweets; these lollies make for great gifts if you can avoid eating them yourself!

Row after row of colourful, sticky sweets will dazzle the senses and most likely drain the wallet too.

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