What you need to know about Melbourne’s most popular student accommodations

WITH so many choices for student accommodation in the city, where should students go to for the best living experience while studying in Melbourne? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Hanyu Hu, Shuming Zhang and Sichen Li compare some of the city’s most popular living spaces with one another.

UniLodge on Swanston
339 Swanston St, Melbourne

In terms of convenience, UniLodge on Swanston might be the best choice for many students.

Located right next to Melbourne Central, UniLodge on Swanston is close to other department stores such as QV, Myer and Emporium. The student accommodation block thus provides tenants with great convenience to go shopping, find delicacies and watch movies.

Public transportation isn’t a problem as it takes less than a minute to get to a tram stop or train station.

UniLodge on Swanston is also close to the State Library of Victoria, which is beneficial for students looking to find a place to study and read.

The rent is relatively cheap, which includes gas and water. The biggest disadvantage however might be its facilities, which is relatively old and incomplete. There is also no air conditioning in each apartment space and no gym or swimming pool is provided. The only leisure spot on offer is a small space for table tennis.

Additionally, the laundry is shared amongst tenants with one in each floor charging from $3.00 to $4.00 dollars for each use.

To learn more about UniLodge on Swanston, visit its official website.

Verve Apartments
483 Swanston St, Melbourne

The Verve Apartments is close to groceries such as Aldi and the Queen Victoria Market and features an in-built gym, swimming pool, tennis courts, spa, sauna and cinema room; all of which are free to use.

It also offers space and equipment for those wishing to have a barbecue. A washing machine and dryer are provided in each apartment space as well.

Students from RMIT University and the University of Melbourne will benefit most from the strategic location of Verve Apartments as it is close to those universities. Furthermore, those looking to enjoy some down time in the city can also find easy access to the hard rock climbing centre.

With 24/7 support and service on hands, tenants of the apartment wouldn’t have to worry should they need help at any time. That said, the rent is moderately priced, and students will have to also pay their own utilities. Finally, these apartments do not offer internet service either.

For more information on Verve Apartments, visit its official website.

80 A’Beckett St, Melbourne

Located on A’Beckett St, MY80 is again conveniently located, as it only takes two minutes for students to walk to and from some of Melbourne’s major department stores, groceries and universities.

This modern living building provides students with an indoor pool, spa, sauna and a communal residents lounge. Although the apartment units are normally unfurnished, they come with a washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, oven, air-conditioner and more.

You can also enjoy amazing views of Melbourne’s CBD at MY80, especially at night.

Additionally, there are several Asian grocery stores near the building. The rent is around $450 to $550 per week for a two bedroom apartment.

To discover more about MY80, visit the official website. 

Urbanest Melbourne Central
316 La Trobe Street, Melbourne  

Urbanest is a newly built apartment close to Melbourne Central Station and is roughly five minutes away from RMIT, a ten minute walk to Monash College and only a 10-minute tram ride to the University of Melbourne.

Although the internet is not free after a certain download limit, you likely won’t need to get your own Internet service provider.

Although the rent is relatively high, it also includes major utilities such as water, electricity, gas. Most of the rooms are also small, with toilets and kitchen shared amongst roommates. It also features a shared gym and study room.

One of the benefits of these shared spaces is that you can meet new people and make new friends, but just be wary that your fellow roommates and neighbors may cause disruptions late at night given the nature of its shared spaces.

To find out more about the building features on offer, visit Urbanest’s website .

Swanston Square 
551 Swanston St, Melbourne

Swanston Square is also known as “the face” building and “the rainbow” building. It provides many facilities, such as a gym, swimming pool and barbecue equipments. A large number of students are living in this building because of its proximity to both the University of Melbourne and RMIT University.

In addition to this, public transport access is also convenient; a tram station is just steps away from the building and the location is only two stops away from Melbourne Central. The rent is reasonable, and can go from anywhere between $420 to $700 per week.

The biggest downside however might be its elevator, especially when students are running late for classes. Some students have confessed to waiting roughly 20 minutes just for the elevator to come.

Get more information about the apartment at Swanston Square’s website.

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