Four stunning Melbourne architectural designs all students should take notice of

HIDDEN amongst all the skyscrapers of Melbourne are some old-world wonders; buildings with unique architectural designs that captivate the imagination. Take a tour of Melbourne’s classical buildings with Trinity College Foundation Studies students Audrey Ngai and Vienna Yu. 


Melbourne is a city that’s full of architectural wonders but its stunning buildings don’t always get noticed. With everyone’s eyes glued to their phones as they walk by in the city, it’s easy to not appreciate some of the finer buildings hidden within Melbourne’s concrete jungle.

To spread the underrated beauty of these buildings, we present four Melbourne buildings that all students should take notice of the next time they walk around the CBD.

Forum Theatre

Photo: Audrey Ngai

Located on the corner of Flinders and Russell St, the Forum Theatre is a breathtaking work of grand architecture. From time to time, the Forum Theatre will host many music acts and becomes the central hub for the Melbourne International Film Festival but when something’s not happening, it’s easy to walk past it without appreciating its spectacular design.

Designed by American architect, John Eberson, the Forum Theatre gives off a European vibe with its soothing nude colour palette and Moorish Revival exterior, featuring minarets and a clock tower.

Besides these facts, isn’t this theatre totally Instagram and Snapchat worthy?

Block Arcade on Collins

Photo: Audrey Ngai

Photo: Audrey Ngai

The Block Arcade on Collins St is famous for its long heritage walk and itself is a popular tourist attraction. Located in the busiest district of Melbourne’s CBD, the popular shopping arcade’s old-fashioned aesthetic has a unique charm with its Victorian Mannerist style laid out across the entire arcade.

Lavished with carved stones, fancy tiled floors and glass canopies, the Block Arcade is said to have Melbourne’s most fancily garnished interior. So the next time you’re out spending money and shopping, visit the Block Arcade and enjoy its beautifully decorated road too!

Nicholas Building

Photo: Audrey Ngai

Photo: Audrey Ngai

Located on 37 Swanston St, the Nicholas Building is home to many business trades. Influenced by the Chicago style of architecture, the Nicholas Building has nine floors and is filled with restaurants, artist studios and expensive designer shops.

Fun fact! The terracotta façade of this building was designed to clean itself and is famous for its durability!

Yoonralla Building 

Photo: Audrey Ngai

Photo: Audrey Ngai

Opposite to Flinders Street Station, the Yoonralla Building is noticeable for its minimalistic colour tone, large light filling windows along with its stepped gable, creating an overall modernistic style.

To the left of Yoonralla Building is a residential apartment that features numerous styles of window panes, built with red bricks to give off an old heritage Mannerist feel.

What other noticeable works of architecture have you noticed in Melbourne? Are you in fascinated by the design of some of Melbourne’s finer buildings? What are your favourite buildings in the city? Let us know in the comments below! 

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