Four ways you can outsmart Melbourne’s erratic weather

Melbourne might be the world’s most livable city, but what the guidebooks might not always tell you is that the city is also known for its erratic weather changes. From summer heat during the day to freezing temperatures at night, it’s a no-brainer why international students get dumbfounded by the weather when they first step foot into the city.

To hear how folks have survived such crazy weather, here are some tips on how best you can prepare to outsmart Melbourne’s changing weather.

Wear layers

Layer your clothing especially during the spring and autumn seasons where temperatures can drastically change. Unbelievably, during spring the temperature can rise to a peak of 30 degrees during the daytime and drop to a shocking 12 degrees at night, so keeping warm is essential.

Bulky layering is unnecessary but a cardigan or light jacket could just do the trick. Wear clothing that can be easily carried as well so it wouldn’t disrupt you throughout the day.

Don’t forget your umbrella

With crazy weather like Melbourne’s, you can expect the rain to be just as erratic; rain showers can suddenly happen with no forewarning whatsoever. One moment you’re bathed in gorgeous sunlight and in the next, you’re bathed in rainwater. Therefore, it is best to always carry a compact umbrella with you wherever you go.

If carrying an umbrella daily is too much of a hassle, take initiative by checking the weather forecast for the day and see how high the chance of rain is. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Stock up on vitamins

Since Melbourne’s weather is never really stable, people may become more susceptible to colds and flu. During spring, hayfever in Melbourne is common and with strong winds blowing pollen everywhere, you want to make sure that you’re not going to be endlessly sneezing and coughing everywhere you go.

So take take precautionary measures by taking vitamins for that extra boost to your immune system. Eat an orange for extra vitamin C or stock up on the greens for vitamin B6. The last thing you’d want to trouble yourself with is a runny nose while studying for an exam!

Stay hydrated

Despite knowing the benefits of drinking water, we might often forget to drink enough of it. It is always important to stay hydrated though as doing so forms the foundation of maintaining a healthy diet. Drinking water also helps in alleviating wastes from the body and keeps your internal system moving.

It is for these reasons and more that drinking plenty of water is recommended if you want to adapt to Melbourne’s weather. Given how often it can change, the weather can weaken your immune system and the heat during peak temperatures will extract moisture from your body. Be sure to keep a bottle of water around you as often as you can, but even if you don’t bring one along, you can easily find water fountains around the city to rehydrate. You can even fill up your bottle here too!


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