Six cheap Melbourne op-shops and markets to spice up your home

Creating a comfortable and pleasant home environment is important but where can you go to find the cheapest items to decorate your humble abode?

As an international student, personalising your room would probably be at the bottom of the priority list, especially when it comes to saving money. But if you absolutely must, here are some places we recommend students can visit to find interesting and quirky items to spice up your living space.

Goodwill Op Shop
Price range:

Photo: Charmaine Jiayi

If there’s any chance you’re looking for budget items and accessories, make your way down to Goodwill Op Shop at Chapel Street!

Here you’ll find yourself spoiled for choices as there are a wide range of donated items for sale, ranging from kitchenware to clothing and shoes, we bet you’ll be here all day!

What’s more, every purchase can be considered a good deed for those in need as shopping at Goodwill will also mean giving to charity at the same time — a win-win solution!

The Goodwill Op Shop is located at 11 Chapel St, Prahan. Opening hours at 8.30am to 5.30pm daily.

Price range:
$1 – $20

Photo: Euna Marie Catampongan

Be a money saver and decorate your room with quality second hand items for under $10 at Savers. Not only will you find cheap items to decorate your bedroom with, you can also find a range of bedding options such as pillows and sheets to help keep you cozy through the night.

It’s your one stop op shop for affordable room decorations and you can even find kitchenware, electronics and clothing from head to toe.

Savers is located on 330 Sydney Rd, Brunswick, the shop opens at 9.00am everyday. It closes at 7.00pm from Saturday to Tuesday, and 9.00pm on Thursdays and Fridays.

Melbourne Vintage and Scavengers
Price range:
$10 – $100

Photo: Euna Marie Catampongan

You can find unique knick knacks here that you probably won’t see in other shops. From beautiful vases to storage supplies to trivial board games, these two shops situated right next to each other, have quite a variety of items that are sure to strike at you.

Take your time looking around in both shops; you never know what you’ll find within the nooks and crannies of these fun-packed places.

Visit 351 Sydney Rd, Brunswick. Melbourne Vintage opens at 10.30am every day, and closes at 5.00pm on Sundays and 5.30pm on all other days. Scavengers opens 10.30am to 6.00pm everyday.

Rose St. Artists’ Market
Price range:

Photo: Euna Marie Catampongan

If you’re willing to pay a little bit more, help support local artists by buying a variety of beautifully crafted unique trinkets to spice up your living space. From cute handmade dolls to eye catching modern photographs and paintings on metal sheets, you can find the art that attracts you and bring it home.

You can even donate at a booth to the Upendo Artist Association, a non-profit, non-government organisation. They aim to provide homes and education to young children, support people with disabilities and empower women in Tanzania.

Plan your weekend at the Rose St. Artists’ Market, located on 60 Rose St, Fitzroy. It is open from 11.00am to 5.00pm every Saturday and Sunday, closed on weekdays.

Chapel Street Bazaar
Price range:

Photo: Charmaine Jiayi

Fans of Boy George and antique lovers definitely do not want to give this place a miss. Housing a whopping number of more than 70 stalls, each shop at the Chapel Street Bazaar is tailored for a different style and need.

Be prepared to be swept back in time as you wander this shop whilst being intrigued by the intricate patterns on some of the items, of which are meticulously crafted. There is a diverse range of items, ranging from ornaments to vintage film posters. You name it, they have it.

Just pick up a few items here, and you can most definitely retrofit your home and impress your friends with rustic and retro vibes which everyone knows and loves. So the next time you’re planning a visit to Ikea, why not visit Chapel Street Bazaar with its wallet friendly furniture and items and be drawn into its myriad of wonders?

It is open daily from 10.00am to 6.00pm, at 217 Chapel St, Prahran.

$upa Bargain
Price range:
$2 – $20

Photo: Charmaine Jiayi

Nestled on the corner of Chapel St lies a warm looking blue building which you can spot from afar and is just a stone’s throw away from Chapel Street Bazaar. Patronised by many locals, it is definitely on your must-go list.

Here you’ll find all sorts of quirky and cheap stuff such as a peculiar looking kind of coin box that you can add on to give your room a whole new different look!

$upa Bargain is located at 257 Chapel St, Prahran. The shop opens at 9.00am every Monday to Saturday, and 10.00am every Sunday. It closes at 6.00pm every Saturday to Thursday, and 7.00pm every Friday.

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