Soundsekerta 2017: Harmony in Diversity

One of Australia’s biggest Indonesian music festivals, Soundsekerta, returns to Melbourne this year with an eclectic lineup of musical talents performing for one special night.

Brought to you by student group PPIA Monash, this year’s concept ‘Harmony in Diversity’ seeks to unite Indonesians and strengthen their bonds with others in Melbourne regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion and ideology.

Soundsekerta aims to do so by bringing spectacular performers from Indonesia to sing and dance for its attendees. Since its first concert more than a decade ago, Soundsekerta has flown in some of Indonesia’s biggest performers such as Sheila on 7, Noah, Tulus, Opera Van Java and Raisa

This year’s lineup of Indonesian musicians is no different. Multi-talented singer and songwriter Isyana Sarasvati, known for her hit songs ‘Keep Being You’ and ‘Tetap Dalam Jiwa’ will be making her way to Melbourne to perform before the Soundsekerta faithful. Pop and R&B band RAN will captivate the audience with their romantic ballads, such as ‘Pandangan Pertama’ and ‘Dekat di Hati’. And Indonesia’s legendary comedy band, Project Pop, will amp things up with their rhythmic and catchy tunes like ‘Dangdut is the Music of My Country’ and ‘Bukan Superstar’.

So come one and come all to the Melbourne Town Hall on Saturday, September 16 and experience a bit of Indonesia without having to travel there yourself by witnessing some amazing performances and partaking in some of the fun activities that organisers have lined up!

Tickets to Soundsekerta 2017 cost $35 and can be obtained by filling out a form at the Soundsekerta website. Alternatively, you can text the following Soundsekerta representatives and register your interest with them:

  • Lui– 0435 761 282
  • Yuli – 0426 261 996
  • Andrew – 0416 146 615

Make sure to text them using this format: Soundsekerta, Name, Contact Number, Pick Up Point (City, Monash Caufield, Monash Clayton), Amount of tickets

  • For example: Soundsekerta, Lui, 0435 761 282, City, two tickets)

For more information on the Soundsekerta 2017, visit its official website. You can also follow PPIA Monash on Facebook for all the latest updates on their event.

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