How Senpais made anime and gaming their business

What if you could turn your love of anime into a profitable business?

Nathan Chadwick and Jade Leah, the duo behind the design collective Senpais, did just that when they realised it was possible to convert their fondness of anime, as well as gaming and pop culture, into a viable business.

With their brand firmly entrenched within the more cheeky end of anime, Senpais’ appeals to a very niche audience. That specificity however has worked to Senpais benefit and has enabled the collective to travel to pop culture conventions all around Australia where they showcase their unique products and meet like-0minded enthusiasts (occasionally making the odd trip to the United States as well where the anime community there is much more vast than Australia’s!).

We caught up with Nathan and Jade, while they were in town for the Madman Anime Festival to learn more about their journey and hear from them how it’s possible for anyone to turn convert a hobby into something much more.

Interview: Samantha Chew
Camera: Hieu Chau, Julian Tay
Editing: Julian Tay

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