Win one year’s worth of FREE Chatime… if you share your internet search history

What if you could have free bubble tea everyday for an entire year? Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well Chatime is giving you the chance to welcome that privilege in your life but it comes with a catch!

Chatime is daring its customers to reveal the one thing they likely hold most discreet in the world: their internet search history.

If you’re brave enough to go completely unfiltered and reveal what you’ve been searching for on the internet, upload your craziest results onto Instagram for the the entire world to see. The weirdest and wildest search result, as selected by Chatime, will go on to win ONE year’s worth of free Chatime drinks. That’s a lot of bubble tea.

Still a bit nervous about sharing your internet search history? Just think about all the types of Chatime drinks you’ll consume! From classic flavours such as Peach and Mango Fruity Ice Tea to funkier flavours like Matcha Red Bean Frozen Tea and Guava Fruity Iced Green Tea, you’ll be able to try every drink on the menu and mix it up with Chatime’s variety of toppings. Think of all the pearls and jelly toppings you can have!

So how do you take part? Simply take a screenshot of your internet search history from your phone, upload it onto your Instagram profile via Instagram Stories and use the hashtag #historycha_llenge.

The Chatime #historycha_llenge runs will be running until May 27 so get onto it now! Imagine all the free bubble tea you’ll get!

For more information, visit Chatime’s website or its official Instagram page.

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