ASEAN Games Australia 2018: Igniting Passion, Celebrating Diversity

The ASEAN Games Australia (AGA) is back again for another year of intense competition, fiery tussles and bolstered relationships. It’s an annual sporting event that aims to encourage a healthy, active lifestyle as well as fostering stronger bonds amongst not just the ASEAN participants but also with the surrounding communities, as well through a variety of competitive sports.

contrary to what the name suggests, the event won’t be limited to just to the people of ASEAN nationalities. This year the ASEAN Youth Organisation (AYO), host of the games is opening AGA up to more participants outside of the ASEAN countries, with non-ASEAN quotas removed for individual sports and relaxed for team sports. Since the dawn of time, sports have been the one activity that transcends language and geographical boundaries. By holding the event in Melbourne, one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world, AYO is determined to celebrate the diversity that all of us experience in our daily lives.

Set to open in less than a week from September 7 – 9th, along with an expected turnout of 1100 people, AGA is poised to be one of the biggest youth events of 2018 and it’s open for everyone to come watch! So, make sure to swing by Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre, Albert Park Indoor Sports Centre (APISC), Albert Park and DS Internet Cafe for each respective sport that is being held there.

Lined up with an extensive array of team sports such as badminton, basketball, volleyball, tennis, ultimate frisbee, table tennis, netball, and futsal; it’ll be a guaranteed amalgamation of endorphins and passion that would fill the arena with electric energy. There will also be players that are vying for individual glory in the badminton, tennis and table tennis tournaments. International students should get their cameras ready for some incredible plays by some of Melbourne’s best.

Additionally, e-sports is now recognised as a legitimate sport and the AYO has taken notice. Bringing their e-sports tournament once again in 2018 after a one-year hiatus, DOTA 2 and Overwatch fans can rejoice or salivate at the fact that a local ASEAN competitive gaming scene will be starting to brew through AGA. You could be next in line to witness the next Ana Pham or Mickie make their debut.

There will be more in it for you, the audience, as well! Spectators will also be invited to take part in the free traditional games taken straight from the history books of various ASEAN countries. Running throughout the whole 3-day event at the two sport centres, you will be able to immerse yourself in the customary pastimes of countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and more. Plus, there will be an increased prize pool to look forward to.

So, go on down and experience the intense preparation and concentration of each participant and enjoy the many, many activities prepared for your enjoyment!

Spectators can watch the games for free. For information, check out the official AGA Website.

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