What to expect from your university’s library before arriving in Melbourne

Studying is so important for all students and the best place to do so is often our university library. But what can you expect from your campus’ facilities? And where should you try to study when your library is seemingly at capacity?

There’s only so much we can learn from the school’s website so to assist, we spoke with actual international uni students to learn more about how they would honestly rate their school’s library and where you should go for some peace and quiet.

Monash College – Library and Learning Center
Monday – Thursday (7.30am – 8.00pm), Friday (7.30am-6.00pm), Weekends (8.30am – 5.30pm) | 222 Bourke St, Melbourne (Level 3)

If you’re a student at Monash College’s city campus, expect to find an abundance of study facilities and staff assistance.

While its size isn’t as large as libraries located in Monash University’s campuses in Caufield and Clayton, there’s enough space here for both college students and staff to use. Staff are friendly and helpful and there are heaps of charging sockets around so that students don’t go empty on their phones or laptops.

As a current foundation student at Monash, I recommend new and incoming students find a study spot by the huge glass windows in the library. For me, having natural light helps me unwind and enjoy studying. The sight of the city as you’re studying also is lovely.

The only downside might be the lack of available private discussion rooms for those who need to do group work.

For more information, visit Monash College’s official website.

Trinity College – Leeper Library (University of Melbourne)
Monday – Friday (9.00am – 5.00pm), Closed on weekends | Parkville, Melbourne

The Leeper Library over at Trinity College (Melbourne University’s school for foundation level international students) is normally well-stocked with many useful study resources, both new and old. While the library’s size and closure on weekends may not be ideal, one advantage it has over Monash College’s library is its greenery; it’s nice to just take a quick study break every now and then and explore the gardens on campus.

This library provides plenty of seats with soft cushion, suitable for those long hour study with your mates. And just like all libraries, there’s helpful staff members and plenty of charging sockets available for your electronic devices.

As for ideal study spots, 18-year old Trinity College student Sophia says she likes sitting behind and in between the book shelves. For her, these spots help her to concentrate better than sitting elsewhere in the library.

For more on the Leeper Library, visit the Trinity College website.

Deakin University Library
Monday – Friday (7.45am – 12.00am), Weekends (8.00am – 12.00am) | 221 Burwood Highway, Burwood

Want something modern and quiet? Deakin University’s library is for you!

With an abundance of study spaces ranging from quiet study areas to group discussion rooms, there’s plenty here for students to utilise. On top of this, there’s heaps of resources and staff are quite visible too with IT support and security guards on each floor of the library.

Deakin University student, Vattey says the library offers a very functional and hygienic facilities. Lighting was also highlighted as a positive for Vattey who felt it had a better effect on her eyesight.

Library users at Deakin tend to be quite respectful and even the sound of its elevator is silenced to add to the peaceful study ambience.

One study tip that Vattey advises for new students at Deakin who’re keen to spend a lot of time studying in the library is simply to book a room ahead of time.

For more information, please visit the official Deakin University website.

Swinburne Library
Monday-Friday (8.00am – 6.00pm), Saturday (10.00am – 5.00pm), Sunday (12.00pm – 5.00pm) | John St, Hawthorn

Photo by Brandon Chan (@brandon_nahc).

Another alternative that isn’t too far from the city is Swinburne Library. With three floors of space for study, the library is ideal and is most peaceful during weekends. Should you need to study during the weekdays however, the noiseless study area in the library is highly recommended.

Swinburne Library also includes a ‘Latelab’, essentially a dedicated 24-hour study area fully equipped with common facilities and computers. Say goodbye to late night internet cafés!

Tina, a 19-year old Swinburne University student, comments that she loves the quiet environment at her library as it helps her focus on work. She also says she likes the school’s architecture and the abundance of study resources. While her own experience with staff has been mixed, it’s still a great environment to work!

For more information, please visit the official Swinburne University website.

This story was produced by Foundation Year students at Monash College as part of Meld’s community newsroom collaboration. Education institutions, student clubs/societies and community groups interested in being involved can get in touch with us via meld@meldmagazine.com.au.

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