SEXtember 2018: Dating in a digital age

Last August, we spoke to journalist Aela Callan about sexual assault. Students were rallying behind the cause, demanding for Universities to do more to combat sexual abuse.

Elsewhere, we see the decriminalisation of gay sex in India and the abuse of human rights of a lesbian couple in Malaysia. While these issues are of importance to Meld, we also want to shed light on what international students in Australia are going through. With technology, people are now turning to dating apps. But how does one stay safe when your partner could be anyone behind a screen?

Bringing it into the current scene, this year’s theme will be ‘Dating in a Digital Age’ and will involve stories about safe sex, online relationships, and dating apps. Since 2012, Meld’s SEXtember campaign has provided international students with a safe online space to learn and access useful informations about sex, relationships, gender and identity. By diving into the ways international students date today, we hope to uncover stories that matter to both ourselves and our audiences.

This year, Meld will also be doing fun stuff on video and through our Instagram and Facebook page so follow us @Meldmagazine and watch those spaces!

If you have a story or experience that you’d like to share with Meld (but wish to remain anonymous) please get in touch by sending an email to us by with the subject header ‘SEXtember 2018’. A Meld representative will be in touch with you if we want to feature your story!

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