MISC 2020: Change Challenge Collaborate

Prepare your digital pen and paper because the Melbourne International Student Conference (MISC) is back this year over four FREE online sessions across four weeks starting 10th July.

This year’s theme, ‘Change Challenge Collaborate’, points toward how the world is currently shifting and our lives as International students along with it. 

he conference will be conducted online with sessions to be held every Friday From 11 am to 1 pm. 

The Melbourne International Student Conference is a yearly event hosted by the Meld Community in partnership with the City of Melbourne, currently in its seventh year connecting and providing international students with a head start in their career path here in Australia.

Session 1: Career Development In The Current Context 

What does career development look like in the age of COVID-19?

This session will hear from speakers who have experience establishing a career in the context of difficult circumstances. It will seek to answer questions such as ‘what next?’, ‘what will be required of me?’ and ‘how do I stand out in a time when the competition is higher than ever?’

Session 2: Professional Communications In Digital Contexts

What does it mean to communicate professionally? How can you make a good first impression if all you have is one message or email? 

This session is appropriate for any and all international students or recent graduates wanting to take their first step towards their dream career. Speakers will address the what, why and how of professional communication in the digital context – whether that’s for reaching out to new contacts on LinkedIn, applying for a job, or negotiating a new title at work.

Session 3: What Advice Do Recruiters and Entrepreneurs Have For International Students

In this session, a panel of speakers from various industries will address what it is recruiters are looking for in new graduates. This is your chance to stand out from the crown and nail that job interview by knowing exactly what recruiters are looking for!

Session 4: Resilience In Career Development

What does mental health have to do with career development? Well, research has shown that those who look after their mental health are more likely to get the job they want, perform better at their job, and report higher satisfaction with their job.

Join this session for a chance to learn what practical tips our speakers have for you on how you can look after your career and studies while looking after yourself at the same time.

Students are encouraged to ask questions and participate in collaborative activities during the conference.

Check out last year’s review of MISC 2019: Failure Future Focus to see what’s in store!

Registering for MISC

Though the conference is free, you have to register as the number of participants is limited. Head to MISC Website for more information on the program, speakers and to register to secure your spot.

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