TFF 2022 Comes Back Australia-Wide Online with Live Screenings in Melbourne



Transition Film Festival (TFF) is back this February to March with new lineups of amazing, and forward thinking documentaries to get you excited about and scroll down to get your voucher for 20% off tickets. Jason from Meld reports. 

The festival carries over 30 films, documentaries, and stories of people that are creating change, through technology, social justice movements and their journey to the corners of the world to create a positive impact in our lives. 

If there’s one thing the past two years can teach us is that humans are resilient, but motivations are as ever needed. If you’re up for some inspiration, creativity, spend at least one and half hours with the Transition Film Festival’s program

One particular that I’m interested in watching is Ann Shin’s A.rtificial I.mmortality. The trailer itself gives shudders, and talks about bringing your identity, and essence digitally alive even after you yourself have died. 

Or something a little closer to our second home, Inferno Without Borders, explores and reflects the devastating 2019-2020 bush fires and what we can learn from the indigenous culture and knowledge and should have continued practising.  

These are only two that I’m mentioning. other honorable mentions include: Food for the Rest of Us , Forest for the Trees, and Ecocide

Tickets start at $12 or $10 if you’re a student and a concession holder, and TFF has ticket passes as well if you are thinking of watching more than one movie, which you should. 

But as long term partners with TFF, Meld members can use the code FRIENDFROMTHEFUTURE and get 20% off the tickets! 

If you want to see them on a bigger screen, TFF and Sustainable Living Festival is hosting Melbourne’s Loop Bar to live screen some of the documentaries. Check out their website to find out more and book tickets for the free viewing 


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