Join us for the Essential Guide to Networking

It is essential to understand the importance of networking and meeting new people as we witness the resumption of normality as we learn to live with the pandemic.

Networking is an idea that is foreign to a lot of people who started their journey as international students during the pandemic. While online and offline modes still remain the traditional ways of applying for jobs, networking helps you connect with the right people who will help boost your personal growth and achieve professional goals.

 Networking is important because it helps connect with people from different industries and backgrounds to create meaningful relationships. These relationships can then help navigate the course your life takes, through various opportunities across multiple fields of interest, to help you achieve your career goals.

Join us on Wednesday the 22nd of June from 6 pm to 8:15 pm at The Couch International Student Centre (Level 1, 69 Bourke Street) with Delwin Keasberry to learn more about networking. A fun and interactive workshop where you steer through the dos and don’ts of networking and learn how to network in a post-Covid world. This workshop is organised by Meld Community in partnership with the City of Melbourne and supported by The Couch International Student Centre.

The workshop will include:

  • Five ways to unlock opportunities before, during and after your next networking event.
  • Three common mistakes to avoid.
  • One live networking session with local professionals and international student alumni to help practice your intro pitch.

The workshop follows the Melbourne International Student Conference (MISC 2021) and will provide an opportunity to meet and celebrate the participants of the MISC 2021 leadership program.

You will be joined by Delwin Keasberry who is a former international student, three times TEDx speaker and writer of the e-book “Welcome to the Jungle: Essential guide to networking”. A free light meal will be provided for the participants. Register for free through this link.

See you there!

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