Top 5 beauty trends for spring

SPRING is in full force in Melbourne, and here we zero in on the hottest beauty trends this season. Emily Quak shares her knowledge.

Spring is in full force in Melbourne; well, in the fashion and beauty world, anyway!

Just last week, we were bombarded with gorgeous haute couture and streetwear as they made their way down the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week runway. But no look is complete without the perfect hair and makeup, so we couldn’t help zeroing in on the hottest beauty trends for spring 2011. Here they are:


Trend 1: The modern French manicure
Australian designer Lisa Eldridge was bang on trend when she invited a celebrity manicurist to do her nails in one of her spring beauty videos. The new French manicure has rounded nails instead of the traditional square one. For another twist, use gorgeous dark metallic blue nail polish on the tips instead of white.

Trend 2: Smoky eyes
Like it or not, the smoky eye is here to stay. Not even spring can drive away this traditionally dark, cold-weather look. To keep on trend, use light pastels like peach and pink as a contrast eyeshadow shade all over your lid, and keeping the dark smoky liner close to your lash line.

Highlight just one feature and keep everything else neutral. Photo: Yihong Chew

Trend 3: Barely there makeup and one dominant feature
Barely there makeup dominated the runways at this year’s spring fashion week, with designers choosing to highlight only one feature and keep the rest of the face neutral for a dramatic, polished look. Some chose graphic eyeliners, while others did intense lips. But one thing was for sure, everyone kept the skin dewy and fresh, and otherwise bare.

Tousled, teased hair ruled the runway this spring. Photo: Yihong Chew

Trend 4: Messy hair
Put that hairbrush away! Buns and braids and ponytails are all the rage this season, but tousled, teased hair ruled the runway this spring, and boy, did they work it! To achieve the look, spray a beach spray onto your wet hair before blow-drying it, and then style your hair like your normally would.

To achieve the desired messy up-do, stick the sharp end of a styling comb into random sections of your hair, and pull it out of the bun or braid. Repeat until you achieve the perfect messy do.

Forget the faux tan and bask in the natural glow of healthy skin instead. Photo: Yihong Chew

Trend 5: Skip the tan
Fair, glowing skin is the go-to look for designers this spring. Ditch the tanning lotions and reach for your brightening creams instead. These creams are designed to boost radiance and reduce pigmentation damage caused by the sun. And remember to always, always use sunscreen!

While they might have been paraded down the hottest runways, these looks are easy to achieve at home, so get on-trend and share some of your best pictures or your favourite looks on our Facebook page if you have the time!

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