International student education in Victoria: The Ombudsman weighs in

Mills International Center Flash Mob with international students

ON the 26th of October, the Victorian Ombudsman tabled a report in parliament.

The report was the result of an investigation he conducted into the state of international student education in Victoria.

Acting ombudsman John Taylor conducted interviews with students and staff at four of Victoria’s eight universities – Deakin, RMIT, Swinburne, and Ballarat. He said he hoped these four different universities would give a broad cross-section of the types of institutions international students studied in.

Over the next week, we’ll have a number of articles on the report – which had broad concerns about the state of the industry – as well as some of the reactions to its findings.

Tomorrow, we’ll start by looking at English proficiency, one of the key aspects the ombudsman wrote about.

If you’d like to read the whole report for yourself, you can find it here (PDF).

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