Inner beauty, Dita Von Teese style

DOES what you wear underneath matter? Fashion reporter Jessica Pang meets style icon Dita Von Teese and finds out how she is reshaping the way women think about inner beauty.

Von Follies by Dita Von Teese – embroidered spot story Embroidered spot balconette bra, $45; and briefs, $25.

Von Follies by Dita Von Teese – embroidered spot story Embroidered spot balconette bra, $45; and briefs, $25.

She is a world famous burlesque seductress. A glamour queen who flashed more people her knickers than she cares to count, so it’s no surprise that Dita Von Teese has just launched a new lingerie collection called Von Follies.

But you might be surprised about just where she’s launched it. No, you won’t find Von Follies in any of those fancy French lingerie stores where a bra and underwear set costs about the same as a small car.

Dita’s collection is available at Target, and with price tags starting at $25, it’s tantalisingly international-student-friendly.

Designed by the style icon herself, the five stories in Dita’s new Von Follies collection are inspired by her personal vintage lingerie wardrobe and embrace key features from decades past, such as intricate fishnet detailing and immaculate lace finishes.

The idea, Dita tells us, was to make beautiful lingerie affordable for the everyday woman.

“I think the key was continually refining it (the designs)… and if I didn’t like the way it looked I just find out about ways to make it happen at a good price point. Every detail brings the price up and it’s not something I ever really understood as a consumer,” Dita says.

It was also a way for women to feel sexy inside and out, regardless of size (just look at her recent runway show at the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival) age or ethnicity.

Dita's personal favourite. Over wire lace bra, $45; and full briefs, $25.

Dita’s personal favourite. Over wire lace bra, $45; and full briefs, $25.

The collection consists of balconette bras, bustiers, corsets, garters, briefs and G-strings. Underwear size ranges from 8 to 16 and bra size ranges from 10A, right up to 14DD.

“As women, we sometimes want to fit into a number (size) that we think is appealing, and you really have to discover what your true size is,” Dita says.

“For a long time I wanted to be an extra small.. but at the end of the day, you just have to get what fits.”

Her confidence is infectious.

“The collection is functional, affordable, sensual, fun and playful,” she says.

“It’s really important for me, for instance, to make the back of the panties as beautiful as the front. I think it’s really important to look good when you’re leaving the room.”

Dita’s personal pick from the collection is the overwire plunge bra, which according to her, gives shape and definition to any bust.

But the most exciting part we think, is the opportunity to treat yourself to million dollar-looking lingerie on a shoe-string budget.

The collection is available at Target stores and online.

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