Beauty box: A new way to shop for beauty products in Australia

BEAUTY boxes have been making headlines internationally, and now, these subscription-based services are finally available in Australia. Victoria Brown speaks to Australia beauty box Lust Have It founder Nicci Herrera.

Beauty boxes have given shoppers a new way to sample a wide range of beauty products. Pictured, Lust Have It’s beauty box.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been late to something because I was dallying over my choice of make-up. Nor am I the only one who has gone shopping for that perfect beauty product, only to leave frustratingly empty handed hours later.

But now you can skip all that indecision and get all your beauty needs in quite literally, one box.

Beauty boxes have been making headlines internationally for a while. It’s taken us a little longer to pick up on the trend here in Australia, but there are now a number of companies offering similar services to beauty conscious customers, such as Beauty BasketBellabox and Lust Have It.

In the case of Lust Have It, members have a beautifully wrapped beauty box delivered to their doorstep every month for a monthly fee of $15. Included in the box are products ranging from hair care products to cosmetics, skincare and everything in between – usually five to six of them in sample as well as some full-sized products from some the world’s top brands.

See a review of the April Lust Have It beauty box by beauty vlogger/blogger MissTango2:


Lust Have It founder Nicci Herrera says she started the online beauty box service in July 2011 after becoming fed up with the lack of resources available to everyday consumers on premium beauty products.

Having worked in beauty for nearly 20 years, Nicci says beauty boxes are a great way for women to keep their beauty routine fresh and find out what’s out there that might work well for them.

She says beauty boxes like Lust Have It not only helps educate people about the right products, but also allows them to experience the latest market trends without paying for full sized products that they may or may not like.

But beauty boxes aren’t just for the seasoned beauty fanatic either. Women who are not sure where to shop, are short on time or simply stuck in a rut and looking for something new will probably love them too.

Fed up with the lack of resources available to everyday consumers on premium beauty products, Lust Have It founder Nicci Herrera started the online beauty box service last year.

“The majority of our members just love to try the products and love to be on trend, but may not have the confidence to go and try an eye shadow that’s blue or purple or glitter. In their own home, when they’re relaxed, they can try it with confidence,” says Nicci.

Members can revel the excitement of receiving a beautifully gift-wrapped box every month, not knowing what they’re getting. They also have the option of buying the full-sized product online if they’ve discovered a product they’ve enjoyed from their beauty box.

“I try to stick to professional and high-end products,” Nicci says.

And that means you won’t find off-the-shelf products normally found in supermarkets contained in Lust Have It’s beauty boxes.

“It’s about introducing our members to amazing, innovative and creative products that they have never seen before or may not have been able to justify the price to buy it,” Nicci says.

Inside February’s Lust Have It beauty box.

Some of the biggest brands Lust Have It has filled in its beauty boxes include Lancome, Decleor, BioEffect, Dermalogica, OPI, Nougat, Kerastase and Laura Mercier, just to name a few.

Members also receive regular articles from expert contributors to help them make the best use of their monthly boxes. Grooming guru Will Fennell, cosmetic queen Dr Naomi and fashionista Sarah Donges have all written pieces for Lust Have It in the past.

Now what about the boys?

Apparently, preparations are already underway to cater to men.

Nicci says Lust Have It will be launching their first male beauty box in the near future, so boys, stay tuned.

Visit Lust Have It’s website for more information about their beauty boxes. 

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  1. Rachel

    Beauty boxes are relatively new to me. But sampling always works for me since I like to try things first before I buy especially the expensive items. The Gold Collagen Mask seem like fun. Anything for the skin and anti aging as well. Amazing info.

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    Yeah i am agree with you ,now a days everyone is interested for beauty box. because it will keep your beautiful make up long listing .Thank you Victoria Brown for sharing the information about beauty box australia.

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