Award: Excellence in international student experience

IT makes us glow inside to know we’ve done a pretty good job making your experience here in Australia just that little bit better, and we couldn’t be more honoured to be recognised at this year’s Victorian International Education Awards.  

From left, Meld co-founders Aun Ngo and Karen Poh, City of Melbourne International Student and Youth Project Officer Gary Lee

From left, Meld co-founders Aun Ngo and Karen Poh, City of Melbourne International Student and Youth Project Officer Gary Lee

What a week it’s been. Meld Magazine was on Tuesday recognised for our contribution to the international student community at the 2014 Victorian International Education Awards.

We were honoured to receive the award for Excellence in International Student Experience from Employment and Trade Minister Louise Asher, for our work in enhancing the student experience beyond the classroom to provide opportunities for the broader awareness of, and engagement with, the community.

Together with us that day, were other award recipients made up of leading education providers, businesses, not-for-profit organisations and international students from countries including Poland, China, Indonesia and Brazil, who have all made a significant contribution to Victoria.

We will celebrate and feature their achievements in the days and weeks to come, but for the moment, we’re stealing the spotlight, to say a word of heartfelt thanks to all the people who have been a part of the Meld journey.

To the founding members who saw a gap in the community way back in 2008 and those after who have invested so much time and energy – to give international students a voice and reflect the full picture of the international student experience, to provide a space for student volunteers to apply their knowledge and skills meaningfully and purposefully as part of their early career development – you didn’t stop at ideation but took the plunge. You were brave. The experience has been nothing short of tough but oh so exhilarating.

To the hundreds of volunteers who have come through the organisation over the past six years – you have helped build Meld one story at a time, and helped us grow from a media outlet to the vibrant community hub we are today, made up of students, graduates and young professionals.

And last but not least, to our readers and followers, we hope you can rejoice and celebrate with us – as this journey was started with you in mind.

Have you been part of the Meld journey? Share your stories and memorable moments, or just a word of encouragement with us in the comments section below!

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