Highlights from Melbourne International Animation Festival 2015

ANIMATION enthusiasts will have no shortage of inspiration at the 2015 Melbourne International Animation Festival. Rowan Forster outlines some of the must-see events taking place at the festival over the next week.

Image: Supplied by MIAF

Image: Supplied by MIAF

Aspiring animators, here’s something to get excited about. The Melbourne International Animation Festival (MIAF) is returning to the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) starting this weekend, packed with an amazing line-up and content that’s sure to appeal to almost everybody.

From June 21 – 28, the festival promises to bring the best in animation technology from all across the globe with an extensive program that features more than 400 different creations.

The events schedule is filled to the brim, so we’ve decided to help out by pinpointing some of the must-see forums and films best suited for Meld readers!

Render Animation Conference
Monday, June 22 – Tuesday, June 23


The Render Animation Conference gives students a unique opportunity to receive valuable insight and experience a diverse range of detailed presentations from some of the most successful Australian and international animation experts.

For those looking to kickstart their career as an  animator or those wanting to learn how to harvest inner creativity, this conference promises to deliver practical advice that you don’t usually learn at university.

With workshops from Disney TV director Matthew Darragh, professional storyboarder Luc Chamberland, and a CG visual effects expert from The Hobbit movies, Peter Divers, Render is a no brainer for students of animation as well as a fans of film and television.

Additionally, Render also acts as a great place for students to network with established animation experts, media professionals, and future colleagues.

Late Night Bizarre
Saturday, June 27 (10.00pm – 11.15pm)


Image: Courtesy of Melbourne International Animation Festival 2015

Have no interest pursuing a future career in animation? No problem! Late Night Bizarre is a showing of the funniest ‘not-quite-PG’ animations that the world has to offer. Bring a few friends, sit back, relax and enjoy the collection of shorts that are sure to put stitches in your side and leave you jaw-dropped in outrage.

These crude creations range from films made entirely in Microsoft Paint, to clay-mation, and also to some of the most advanced computer-generated imagery that the 21st century has seen.

Some of the animations you will watch include:

Anonymous Mortician, a short film by US animator Joseph Bennett that tells the story of a mortician that gets up to some unusual activities when nobody is looking.

Le Meat, by Wolfgang Matzi of Austria, which features a cooked chicken with a mouth, teeth, and a big appetite. This chicken will eat anybody it gets its hands on, and it’s a big tipper – so it gets the best service.

Careers Forum
Thursday, June 25 (6.30pm – 7.30pm)

The Careers Forum will offer students a chance to interact with industry experts. Image: Ben Landau via MIAF official website.

The Careers Forum will offer students a chance to interact with industry experts. Image: Ben Landau via MIAF ‘s 2014 official website.

The Careers Forum is a necessity for students and graduates who dream of excelling in the animation industry.

This event is free, and very popular, so get in quick because some of the most established animation professionals will share their secrets on how to make it in the industry.

These world renowned experts will give invaluable advice about internships, scoring your first job, and building an unrivalled portfolio that will make you stand out from your competitors. This is your opportunity to benefit from the lessons they have learned, and receive guidance as you seek out your own pathway into the industry.

At the end of the forum, audience members will be given the opportunity to ask the panel of experts any questions pertaining to an animation career, or simply animation itself.

Max Hattler is in the Room
Wednesday, June 24 (7.00pm – 8.00pm)

Image: Supplied

Image: Supplied

Multi award winning German video artist and experimental film maker Max Hattler is coming to Melbourne, and he is bringing a range of his famous kaleidoscopic political short films with him.

Hattler is one of the most creative, prolific animators in the world, and is known for his energetic and engaging presentation. His short films spill with innovation and energy, and his ability to decode the imaginative not only make for an extremely entertaining experience, but also an insightful and educational one.

The screenings will feature some of Hattler’s most groundbreaking works from the last ten years, including:

Spin, a clip featuring toy soldiers marching and moving in harmony, before erupting and exploding – highlighting when the lines between entertainment and destruction become blurred.

Collision, a short that explores the conflicts of modern Islamic and American cultures using graphically designed quilts, and the colours and geometry of flags as an abstract field of reflection.

Curious to find out more on what the Festival has to offer? Try visiting MIAF’s official website and see what fascinates you.

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