Affordable cosmetics at less than $50 for everyday use

LUSTING over expensive makeup but worried about not being able to afford beauty essentials to look your best? Fret not, Trinity College Students Zoe Wang, Cong Yu and Shelly Xie show you how to get a makeup look for school for under $50.


Are you terrified by the costs of entering the beauty world? While makeup is magical, it can also be very expensive. To remedy this, we recommend budget friendly products, tips and tricks that will help you achieve an everyday natural makeup look for school that amounts to under $50!

The best thing about drugstore makeup isn’t just its low price point but also its availability. They can be found in all pharmacies and supermarkets across Australia. Because they carry a variety of brands however, it’s best to do some research before buying a product or go to the store to test it out.

For foundation and concealment…


Photo: Cong Yu

Always remember to clean and moisturise your face before putting on makeup. Start off by creating a clean canvas with the Stay Matte But Not Flat Liquid Foundation from NYX. To conceal more prominent blemishes, we use the SAVY Liquid Concealer to cover dark eye circles or pimples.

  • Stay Matte But Not Flat Liquid Foundation from NYX – $14.95
  • SAVY Liquid Concealer – $4.99

Photo: Cong Yu

For your eyes and brows…

Next up, the eyes. To further save you some money, we will show you a handy little trick using The Liquiline Blast Eyeliner from COVERGIRL.

While it is called an eyeliner, the texture of the product is soft and can be used in multiple ways. The color we chose is brown which gives a softer more natural feel to the makeup.

Use it to darken both your eyebrows and waterline and define the eye area. If you want a more dramatic smokey eye, use the smudger at the top of the pencil.

  • Liquiline Blast Eyeliner from COVERGIRL – $14.95





Photo: Cong Yu

Photo: Cong Yu

For your lashes…

We all love mascara! It’s the magic touch that works better than coffee to make you appear brighter and awake.

Add volume to your lashes and make them longer using the Forbidden Volume Mascara from Essence.

We found that the effect it provides is very natural, perfect for school.

  • Forbidden Volume Mascara from Essence – $6.15







Photo: Cong Yu

Photo: Cong Yu

For your lips and cheeks…

For our final trick, use only one lipstick for both your lips and cheeks!

With the NYX Round Lipstick No.628, apply some on your cheeks and use your fingers to spread it out evenly for a healthy flush.

With the same lipstick, apply it to your lips to finish off the makeup look. Be careful with the color of the lipstick however, you should pick colors that are suitable for both cheeks and lips- not too dark or too light.

  • NYX Round Lipstick No.628 – $8.95





And the final result? 


So keep in mind that affordable cosmetics from the pharmacy can work and you don’t have to break the bank to get a look that works for your everyday life!

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