Men’s fashion: Improve your suit and style game at The Dappertude Melbourne

Men of Melbourne, look alive, because the annual Dappertude fashion seminar is making its way to our humble city for the very first time this Saturday, April 29, and it has got its eyes on you!

Dappertude, an amalgamation of the words ‘dapper’ and ‘attitude’, represents the ideal gentlemen in the way he presents himself and behaves. Established in 2015 as a men’s fashion accessories brand, selling affordable luxury items such as ties and pocket squares, Dappertude is already making waves in the Australian fashion sphere. And since then, Dappertude has hosted annual fashion seminars to educate the average Australian man on taking pride in himself through personal grooming.

“The base goal [of the fashion seminars] was to educate the average man on the different types of topics related to improving their style and appearance,” explained Johnny Li, founder of the Dappertude brand.

“There are a lot of guys out there who don’t know where to start when it comes to picking the right suit, how to accessorise or [have knowledge about] facial grooming.”

This year, Dappertude will be holding one of its seminars in Melbourne for the very first time. The seminar will focus on three key themes to guide the average man onto the dapper path – educate, inspire, network.

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Sessions hosted by leading Australian men’s fashion brands George & King, gentSac, and also by Dappertude, will be held during the seminar to educate guests concerning the importance of suiting, grooming and accessorising.

To inspire guests, there will be a panel of Australia’s most popular and well-dressed Instagram bloggers who will share why they put in that extra effort everyday in their outer appearances. The panel will consist of Steve Tilbrook (@stevetillystyle), Stephen Kay (@theyounggent), Tri.Edition (@tri.edition), and Shaun Birley (@shaunbirley)*. Also, there will be a street style photo shoot outside Collins Quarter where guests will be photographed by professional photographers, so everyone is encouraged to come in their most impressive ensembles.

Dappertude will be partnering with many local and international brands who will be present on the day as well, so guests will have the exciting opportunity to network with big name brand owners and managers. Brands that will be exhibited on the day include All The Kings Men, Bared Footwear, Calvin Klein watches + jewelry, Joe Black, gentSac, George & King, Kimshu, Mr. Melbrn, Sox HQ, The Tie Collective, and The Wayfaring Stranger.

While some lads may be thinking that being dapper is completely out of their comfort zone, or perhaps a lifestyle they never imagined having, for those who want to take the plunge and are keen to look and feel more sophisticated, then pop along to the Dappertude seminar this Saturday.

“The dapper lifestyle is for anyone who is willing to take that extra step, it’s not about monetary status nor do you need membership. If you are investing in yourself to improve your appearance, this in turn means you are already part of the dapper lifestyle,” Johnny said.

For more information and to purchase tickets, click here.

*The status of Shaun Birley’s attendance is unconfirmed at this stage as he is a tentative guest 

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