Four apps to make those long commutes less draining

Long commutes suck. If you live far away from work or campus, constantly checking in on social media and refreshing your Facebook timeline or Instagram feed can only get you so far.

So what are some alternative options to help make those long commutes that much easier and fun?

myTuner Radio

If you want to hear what’s on the radio from stations all around the world, myTuner Radio is the way to go.

With more than 40,000 radio stations across 200 countries for users to stream, the app has been rated favourably amongst users and is very easy to access too.

The app also lets you listen to audio books too. myTuner Radio can be downloaded for all iOS and Android devices.

Splashy Dots

Splashy Dots is a fun puzzle game with a unique artistic style. It has relaxing jazz music in the background and with its user-friendly interface, it’s also an easy game to pick up and play.

The aim of the game may seem simple — join the dots together in the right path — but later stages can get a bit more challenging.

The game is also available to download on all iOS and Android devices.

Soul Knight

Another game you might want to consider for the long commute is Soul Knight, an action game designed for iOS and Android devices.

With its throw-back pixelated art style and smooth controls, this top-down action shooter is perfect for the long commute as there really is no mission to complete. Each map is randomly generated providing players with a unique experience every time!


Reading is usually the go-to method for passing time on long commutes but when your bag is stuffed full of notebooks, textbooks and your own laptop, storing an extra book or two to read might not be ideal on your back.

Instead, consider downloading Wattpad, an app with an enormous database of both fiction and non-fiction e-books for you to read.

With a diverse range of free books across varied genres, you’re bound to find something to dive into for your next trip.

Wattpad is available to download on all iOS and Android devices.

While a long commute can be boring, it is up to you to try and make it more interesting. So keep in mind that it’s best to use your time more wisely than to just see what’s happening on social media — and hopefully the above recommendations are what you’re looking for to help the time pass on long rides to and from campus or work.

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