Campus Fashion Icons: Affordable looks from our most popular K-Pop male Idols

K-Pop stars have a significant influence on young people and the trends of the fashion world. Groups like EXO and BTS have been featured in Vogue and Dazed Digital for their innovative fashion while iconic individuals like G-Dragon land fashion campaigns with premier names likes Chanel.

As a result, many young men have started to look to these stars as style icons. Because guys sometimes find it harder to nail down their style, we thought we would show how to recreate and be inspired by the looks of some of the most stylish K-Pop male idols. And because style should transcend gender binaries, as G-Dragon has proven, female readers can also pick some style tips from their favourite male idols.


G-Dragon, the 28-year-old Korean rapper, songwriter and leader of BIGBANG is regarded as the undisputed King of K-Pop. Over the years, he has become a major style icon, bringing his unique brand of street style to luxury fashion. He has been in Karl Lagerfeld’s inner circle for a number of years and landed a Chanel campaign earlier this year.

GD’s style is unique and fearless, and it also leads the trend for university’s students and K-Pop fans to follow in suit. So how do we get GD’s looks for less? We focus on his diverse accessories. Since Melbourne will be moving into spring and summer soon, these accessories are a great addition to your wardrobe.

When GD first started wearing tinted sunglasses, it wasn’t yet a hot item. Now it’s become a common trend to see many idols wearing it on different occasions. Hawaiian style shirts aren’t always the most stylish clothing items, and can veer into being touristy or tacky. But GD makes it look cool and stylish and you can too! The long adjusted cap is also one of GD’s signature accessories and is part of his own clothing line PEACEMINUSONE.

90S Round Sunglasses With Yellow Coloured Lens, $24, ASOS
Oversized Sateen Hawaiian Print Revere Collar Shirt, $20 H&M
Extra Long Adjusted Cap, $198, PEACEMINUSONE (Inspired piece for $22.75 here)


BTS are one of the biggest and hottest groups in K-Pop now. Their global reach is so enormous that the group has beaten out artists like Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber at the Billboard Music Awards for Best Social Artist. Although they have since evolved and moved on to wearing designer labels, they bring a youthful and approachable street style that their devoted fanbase can emulate easily.

Each member of BTS has a unique style. Jimin often mixes accessories like caps and shades with casual-cool pieces like denim jackets into his look. J-Hope puts a twist to classic looks that reflects his quirky personality. V is the most playful and experimental of the group and isn’t afraid of prints and statement pieces. SUGA, with his dry and witty personality is effortlessly cool in signature all-black ensembles. What ties their styles together are great outerwear pieces that you will definitely need to brave Melbourne’s erratic weather.

You’ll definitely find a lazy day to pull out a slouchy black cardigan to accompany your Monday coffee, a freezing Melbourne winter day to throw on a classic camel coat and pair with some quirky accessories that reflect your personality or fun jackets for any other Melbourne day.

Denim biker jacket, $89.99, H&M
Wool mix overcoat in camel, $159, ASOS
Embroidered satin jacket with tiger applique, $89.99, H&M
Kenji Veruca long cardi in black, $45, Myer 

Jay Park

Jay Park is one of the most popular Korean pop stars and is famous for his rap and hip-hop style of music. Jay is in a league of his own compared to other K-Pop stars. Even Charli XCX is a fan — she recently featured him in her ‘Boys’ music video. Jay Park’s style is heavily influenced by hip hop and his signature style pieces include heavy gold chains and vests.

Jay also has many tattoos on his body and with variety of symbol and words. Some students may not want tattoos permanently of course (and besides, getting one is expensive in itself) so instead, why not just use temporary tattoos – which have become a trend itself. You can easily find a variety of really cool and well-designed tattoos from online stores.

Gold chains are obviously are not part of the typical university student’s budget. Therefore, it is better to buy a gold-plated necklace with a low price instead of a real one. Finally, Jay Park’s vests mostly come from luxury designers such as Givenchy and Armani. However, the solution is that students can go to H&M stores, Nike or even find some fashion vests on eBay!

Major Tom, $23USD(Approximately $29.21AUD), Inkbox
Open LINK Wide CHAIN NECKLACE, $34.99AUD, Purple Blossom
Male Cowboy Vest, 399CNY(Approximately $75.72AUD), PLAYBOY

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