The Place to Be: Connect with Australia with Lonely Planet’s new travel guide

“Most of us travel to see unforgettable sights and enjoy new experiences. But, ultimately, we travel in search of a feeling.”

And so begins The Place To Be, the new publication by travel experts Lonely Planet. This new book introduces close to 250 locations both in Australia and all around the world for travellers to indulge in, should they want to experience a specific state of feeling and emotion in their journey.

Each chapter of the book is dedicated to a different emotion and Lonely Planet recommends that visiting these places will help travellers unlock or re-connect with this particular emotion or feeling.

For an idea of what to expect, we’ve selected six of the twelve emotions covered in the book and have assigned an Australian destination to each! Fall in love with Australia and experience the country in a different, profound and personal way!


As defined by psychology professor Dr Dacher Keltner (who the book quotes from), the feeling of awe takes place when we “encounter things that are vast”. This leads us to become more humble and aware  by “the strength of others and less stressed by the challenges of daily living”.

With its sophisticated history and unique range of ancient animals of millions of years, we feel the book’s selection of the Daintree National Park in Queensland is an appropriate choice. This magnificent showcase of nature undoubtedly inspires awe and is well worth the travel if you’re intending to visit Australia’s sunny state.

The best time to visit the Daintree would be between May and September when the weather is dry, cool and not very humid.

More on the Daintree National Park can be found at Lonely Planet’s website.


Need somewhere quiet to getaway to? A retreat without all the noise? Look no further than Noosa for a tranquil existence.

Develop your creativity and find yourself in a state of blissful serenity at this beach-side resort. Learn to surf and kayak or absorb its numerous laidback beaches for a zen-like experience. With diverse options for accomodation, this is one destination you’ll want to visit to get the calm you need in your life before getting back to daily living.

For more on Noosa, visit Lonely Planet’s website.


Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Want to feel something burning inside your soul? Something that stirs you with positive energy?

Lonely Planet recommends travellers head to Hobart’s Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) to find that passion. Listed alongside India’s iconic Taj Mahal, MONA’s invigorating exhibitions, both permanent and temporary, will certainly light a fire in your heart and give you the thrill you need to live life to the fullest.

Located 11km from the city of Hobart and open to the public all year round, MONA’s semi-rural compound also consists of a winery, brewery and a fine-dining restaurant! Talk about cultured!

Often cited as Disneyland for adults, you can learn more about MONA through Lonely Planet.


Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Find peace and really connect with your inner-self by visiting Uluru, one of Australia’s astonishing natural landmarks.

With its history steeped deeply in Aboriginal mythology, this sandstone monolith is located literally in the centre of Australia. Be amazed by its rich history, witness the giant rock itself change colour at sunrise and sunset and learn more about Aboriginal people and their culture.

Bike rides, camel tours and guided tours to and around Uluru are on offer all throughout the year.

Visit Lonely Planet’s official site and learn more about Uluru!  


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Need somewhere to just have fun and be entertained? Feel amused by undergoing the Big Things Road Trip all around Australia!

For some reason, Australia has a fascination with big things. These giant sculptures should at least you put a smile on your face when you do stop by it. What are these ‘big things’ you ask? See structures like The Big Lobster in South Australia, The Big Ned Kelly in Victoria or The Big Banana in New South Wales.

Snap up your own collection of ‘big thing’  memories and look back on your photos with amusement!

For more, visit Lonely Planet’s guide on Australia’s Big Things.


Going on a trip around Australia is already adventurous but if you’re really looking to challenge yourself, visit the Kimberly in Western Australia for a daring trip.

Despite its extreme weather and road conditions, the Kimberley’s beauty is undeniable. Get away from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan city life and experience the Kimberley in all its grandeur – minimal infrastructure, numerous raw rock formations, waterfalls and national parks are what you can expect out here.

Just be sure to bring a lot of extra water and food as it might get roasting hot on the drive out to the Kimberly!

More on the Kimberly can be found at Lonely Planet’s website.

Lonely Planet’s The Place to Be is currently available to purchase at a bookstore near you and can also be purchased through their official website.

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