The hottest Korean beauty trends right now

Korean beauty trends are exploding in a big way in 2018 as Korean-based stores like Olive Young, LOHBs, Chicor, Watsons (which has recently been re-branded ‘Lalavla’) and Aland are stocking more and more new products everyday. Many of these products have already made their way to Australia but for a better idea of what some of the hottest trends are, here’s what I’ve observed based on my recent trip to the Cosmo Beauty Expo in Seoul.

On-the-go skincare

Nature Republic Soothing Gel Aloe Vera Face Mist Harga 100.000 . . Salah satu best seller dari Nature Republic. Moisturizer praktis tinggal semprot semprot aja. Selain melembabkan juga sangat menutrisi wajah karena berbagai kandungan vitamin. Bisa juga digunakan untuk melembabkan area tangan dan kaki. Melembabkan dan melindungi kulit kamu dari polusi udara 🍃 Vitamin C, E and mineral ingredients form aloe soothes sun heated skin gently . . Dapat digunakan sebagai: 1. make up fixer, yang disemprotkan di akhir untuk meratakan make up wajah 2. after sun, atau penyegar kulit usai terpapar sinar matahari 3. melindungi wajah dari zat-zat berbahaya dari lingkungan . . . . #naturerepublic #naturerepublicmurah #jualnaturerepublic#naturerepublicjakarta #naturerepublicoriginal#naturerepublicaloeverashootinggel #naturerepublicaloevera#aloeveragel #aloeveranaturerepublic#soothingmoisturealoeveracleansinggelfoam#aloeverasoothinggelmist#naturerepublicaloeverasoothinggelmist#naturerepublicaloegelmist #naturerepublicgelmist# jualnaturerepublicgelmist #aloeveramist#naturerepublicmist #facemist #koreanfacemist#aloeverafacemist #jualfacemist #naturerepublicfacemist #naturerepublicpemalang #naturerepublicpurwokerto #naturerepublictegal

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This year, has been the year of on-the-go skincare. Facial mists have taken off in a big way, and there are a range of misting products that combine traditional toners and essences with formulas that can also be used throughout the day, as a kind of ‘pick-me-up’. These misting sprays are perfect to use all year round, as they add hydration in winter but are soothing and cooling in summer.

Many brands have come out with their own misting sprays, so you’ll find cruelty-free options, travel friendly ones and ‘hanbang’ (cosmetics based on traditional Korean herbal medicine formulas) widely available.

On-the-go cleansing is another new trend – I’ve even seen face washes put inside of colourful little beans that contain a single-use cleanser. They’re perfect to pop in your handbag if you need to wash your face while travelling but don’t want to take a big cosmetics bag with you.

Products that repair a damaged skin barrier

Gel rửa mặt COSRX Low-pH Good Morning Cleanser 150ml – 199,000đ ✔️ Chiết xuất tràm trà (tea tree) chuyên dụng cho da mụn và gặp vấn đề với lỗ chân lông, có thành phần BHA với nồng độ rất rất thấp để làm sạch sâu. ✔️ Texture gel lỏng nhẹ không màu, bạn nào đã thích mùi tràm trà sẽ thấy cực thư giãn. ✔️ Độ pH vào khoảng 5.0-6.0 – độ pH tự nhiên tốt và dễ chịu cho da nhất, rửa sạch mà không bị khô căng khó chịu. Tuy tên là 'Good Morning' nhưng em này hoàn toàn dùng được buổi tối mà vẫn đảm bảo sạch nha. 💓FORY – Play With Beauty .:. 8B Phan Chu Trinh, Hà Nội .:. Shopee: .:. Đăng ký soi da và makeup miễn phí: #FORY #foryCOSRX #foryDAMUN #Cosrx #MyphamCosrx #trimun#damun #BHACosrx #AHACosrx #BHA #AHA #skincare #duongda #myphamhanquoc #myphamchinhhang #suaruamat #gelcleanser #koreanskincare #cleanser

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This year I’ve seen a massive increase in Korean skincare products that are designed to fortify and repair a damaged skin barrier, as well as protect it from pollution.

The skin’s barrier is its outermost layer, which helps protect it and prevent infection. The barrier can be damaged by using incompatible or harsh skincare products, as well as by the environment (e.g. heating in winter, air-con in summer, pollution and even sun damage).

The trend has been towards new moisturising creams and face masks, as well as a continued focus on pH balanced cleansers, to boost the barrier.

Next-generation face masks

At the recent Cosmo Beauty Expo the trend was clearly on the latest and greatest in face mask technologies.

Modelling masks continue to be the flavour of the day, with new formulas now available to target a range of skin issues. These face masks were originally used in day spas and beauty clinics for facials – they’re pasted onto the face with a spatula, and the unique formula is moulded to fit your face. When the mask dries, it turns rubbery so it can easily be removed.

Modelling masks (or rubber masks, as they’re also sometimes called) are more hydrating than regular sheet masks, and offer visible brightening results. The at-home versions are easy to use and often include a little spatula in the packet so you don’t need to use your cutlery!

Other new mask trends include lifting masks, which combine hospital-like bandages with traditional sheet masks to offer lifting and anti-ageing benefits.

Facial soaps

新大久保♡韓流PLAZA♡ ・ ・ 【韓国コスメ🇰🇷紹介】 新商品~~🔥🔥 APRILSKIN💆🏻💎 ・ ・ 2〜4枚目はファンデーションです✨✨ ・ ・ ピンクは、 色が21番と22番があります❣️ 少しつけただけで顔全体に塗れて、お肌によくサラサラしていながらマットな感じになります💕💕 ・ ・ 黒の方は、 21番と23番があります❣️ 水分ベース45%で水々しくカバー力に優れています! カバー力も日焼け止めも入ってるので、 紫外線予防にもなります🙌🏻✨✨ ・ ・ 乾燥肌の方は、黒がオススメです👍🏻👍🏻 ・ もっと白くなりたい人は、 ピンクがオススメです✌🏻✌🏻 ・ ・ ・ 5枚目は、 洗顔石鹸💆🏻✨✨ ・ ・ 黒い石鹸は、 朝起きて午前中に洗顔✨✨ ・ ・ オリジナル石鹸は、 夜、化粧をした後クレンジング💆🏻 ・ ・ このシリーズは、 韓国でとても人気ですよ~~ㅋㅋㅋㅋ ・ ・ ・ ぜひ、新大久保に来た時は、 韓流PLAZAへ~♡ ・ ・ ・ #新大久保#韓流PLAZA#韓国コスメ#ファンデーション#マジックスノークッション#クッションファンデ#エイプリルスキン #aprilskin#aprilskincushion#aprilskinmagicsnowcushion#aprilskinmagicsnow#aprilskinsoap

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Face soaps used to get a bad rap for stripping the skin of its natural oils, leaving the face dry and uncomfortable. The current crop of facial soaps however has undergone a 180 degree transformation.

Starting with the popularity of April Skin’s Magic Stone a few years ago, a wide range of Korean beauty brands are now coming out with their own gentle, nutritious and hydrating soap bars that target everything from problem pores and blackheads to sensitive skin. The key is to pick the right formulation for your skin type and your skin won’t dry out.

Minimalist products

With the rise of natural Korean Beauty products now overtaking the demand for kitschy and cute ones, this year is all about minimalism, both in terms of formulas and packaging. Think hard-hitting ingredients in a gentle formula that doesn’t contain excessive fillers or chemicals.

The trend has followed through to the products’ packaging and I am increasingly seeing smoother, sleeker more streamlined packaging that is simple, effective and designed to prolong the efficacy of the product’s ingredients.

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