Changes to Road Laws for International Student Drivers

International students who drive in Melbourne beware, as your trip can become illegal if you don’t start getting a local driving license. 

As of last month, overseas drivers will be required to obtain a Victorian driving license to continue driving in the state according to the Roads Corporation of Victoria (Vicroads).

Newly arrived students after the 29th of October 2019 are given 6 months from their arrival date to obtain a local license. If you arrived before the 29th and have not changed your license, you have until March 2020 until your previous license becomes invalid to use.  

Previously, international students and all temporary visa holders can use their overseas driving license (with valid English translation) and are only required to get a Victorian license when transitioning to become a permanent resident.

According to SBS Punjabi who spoke to a government representative, the regulation will “simplify licensing requirements” and ensure that overseas drivers are familiar with and understand the road laws. 

How to get a driver’s license

Depending on your driving experience, age, and if your overseas driving license is recognised in Australia, students will receive different license types. Head to Vicroad’s website to see the steps and requirements to obtain your permit. 

Once you have your license, you can safely continue your commutes and escapades around Melbourne.

Do let your friends who drive regularly know, as this change is important for all temporary visa holders.  Spread the word to stop students from driving illegally in Melbourne.

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